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Addressing the root causes of health inequality

Health Equity Scholars Program

We support junior scientists, practitioners, and policy advocates from across the School's ten departments who are focused on health equity and social justice research.

HES DrPH Program

The Health Equity Scholars DrPH program seeks to enroll students in a predominantly part-time schedule. Designed for the student who already has an MPH or equivalent degree, candidates intend to pursue a public health professional leadership position. Through the integration and application of a broad range of knowledge and analytical skills in leadership, policy, program management, and professional communication—coupled with preparation in a specific public health field—graduates of the HES DrPH program are prepared for careers in public agencies or private sector settings that emphasize improving health equity in population health.

Three Health Equity Scholars hold a copy of the book The Black Butterfly

In February 2024, Mia Campbell, Aja Clarke, and Rashida Callender met with other Health Equity Scholars to discuss the book "The Black Butterfly: The Harmful Politics of Race and Space in America." 

HES PhD Program

The Health Equity Scholars PhD program is a full-time program also designed for the student with an MPH or equivalent degree but who seeks to focus on a specific research question within a discipline. Students will develop innovative public health research projects that address issues of health equity. The program consists of one to two years of full time coursework, followed by two to five years of full-time, independent research. Doctoral PhD programs are based within individual departments.

Vito Rebecca and two students stand in lab wearing lab coats

Advisees Marie Portuallo (center) and Jeremy Bravo Narula (right) work with Assistant Professor Rebecca in researching acral lentiginous melanoma (ALM) skin cancer.