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Research and Practice



Faculty Member Title Lab
Arturo Casadevall Professor Casadevall Lab
Isabelle Coppens Professor Coppens Lab
Kimberly Davis Asst. Professor Davis Lab
George Dimopoulos Professor Dimopoulos Lab
Diane Griffin Professor Griffin Lab
J. Marie Hardwick  Professor

Hardwick Lab 

Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena Professor  Jacobs-Lorena Lab 
Gary Ketner  Professor  Ketner Lab 
Sabra Klein  Professor  Klein Lab 
Richard Markham  Professor  Markham Lab 
Conor McMeniman  Asst. Professor  McMeniman Lab 
Monica Mugnier  Asst. Professor  Mugnier Lab 
Douglas Norris  Professor  Norris Lab 
Andrew Pekosz  Professor  Pekosz Lab 
Sean Prigge  Professor  Prigge Lab 
Alan Scott  Professor  Scott Lab 
Clive Shiff  Professor  Shiff Lab 
Photini Sinnis  Professor  Sinnis Lab 
Prakash Srinivasan  Asst. Professor  Srinivasan Lab 
Jotham Suez  Asst. Professor  Suez Lab 
David Sullivan  Professor  Sullivan Lab 
Fidel Zavala  Professor  Zavala Lab