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Disability Headlines

Explore the latest public health research and insights about disability. 

The Long Haul

COVID-19 has left me and thousands of others with lingering symptoms and an uncertain recovery.

Disability Faculty

Looking for prominent public health experts in the field of disability? They’re here at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.


Jennifer Wolff
Health Policy and Management

Jennifer L. Wolff, PhD ’03, MHS '95, advances policies and programs that improve quality of care and life of older adults with complex health needs and their caregivers.

Chanee Fabius
Assistant Professor
Health Policy and Management

Chanee Fabius, PhD, MA, conducts research to improve aging and disability policy while supporting health equity for older adults, caregivers, and the direct care workforce.

Lisa Reider
Assistant Professor
Health Policy and Management

Lisa Reider, PhD, MHS ‘07, researches orthopedic trauma treatment and outcomes in older adults with a focus on rehabilitation, physical function, and the impact of trauma.