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Faculty Recognition

Student Assembly Awards

Student Assembly gives out two awards for faculty every year.

The AMTRA (Advising, Mentoring, and Teaching Recognition Award) is presented to ten faculty members who served as an instructor, adjunct, advisor. Testimonials are used for selection.

The Golden Apple Award is awarded to four faculty members for excellence in teaching. The winners are chosen by votes from the entire BSPH student body.

Below is a list of the most recent recipients as well as awardees for previous academic years.

Academic Year 2022-2023

Ron Goetzel, Health, Behavior and Society
Chidinma Ibe, Health Policy and Management
John McGready, Biostatistics

Jeanine Parisi, Mental Health
Enid Chung Roemer, Health, Behavior and Society

Golden Apple:
Greg Conderacci, Health Policy and Management
Michele R. Decker,
Population, Family and Reproductive Health
Conan Q. Dickson, Health Policy and Management
Andre Hackman, Biostatistics

Meghan Bridgid Moran, Health, Behavior and Society

Academic Year 2021-2022


Thomas Burke, Health Policy and Management
Marie Diener West, Biostatistics
Jill Marsteller, Health Policy and Management
Kunihiro Matsushita, Epidemiology
Sylvia Sanchez, Environmental Health and Engineering
Roza Selimyan, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Elizabeth Selvin, Epidemiology
Jon Vernick, Health Policy and Management

Holly Wilcox, Mental Health
Bonnie Yeung-Luk, Environmental Health and Engineering

Golden Apple:
Meghan Davis, Environmental Health and Engineering
Rajiv Rimal, Health, Behavior and Society
Mariana Socal, Health Policy and Management
Kawsar Talaat, International Health
Johannes Thrul, Mental Health

Academic Year 2020-2021

Judy Bass, Mental Health
Laura Beres, International Health
Lorraine Dean, Epidemiology
Panagis Galiatsatos, School of Medicine
Tamaki Kobayashi, Epidemiology
Christine Ladd-Acosta, Epidemiology
Alexandra Maertens, Environmental Health and Engineering
Jeanine Parisi, Mental Health
Nicholas Reed, Epidemiology
Anne Fortino Rositch, Epidemiology

Golden Apple:
Marie Diener-West, Biostatistics
Mary Elizabeth Hughes, Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Kwaku Nuamah, International Health
Antonio Trujillo, International Health

Academic Year 2019-2020

Abhirup Datta, Biostatistics
Margaret Daniele Fallin, Mental Health
Mary Elizabeth Hughes, Population, Family and Reproductive Health
Vanessa Garcia Larsen, International Health
Carl Latkin, Health, Behavior and Society
Ramin Mojtabai, Mental Health
Noel T. Mueller, Epidemiology
Johannes Thrul, Mental Health
Jon Vernick, Health Policy and Management
Holly C. Wilcox, Mental Health 

Golden Apple:
John McGready, Biostatistics
Alan Scott, Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Timothy M. Shields, Epidemiology
Jeremy Shiffman, International Health

Academic Year 2018-2019

Tom Burke

Carlos Castillo Salgado
Frank Curriero
Sydney Dy
Jill Marstellar
Alvaro Munoz
Derek Ng
Keshia Pollack Porter

Golden Apple:
Janet Holbrook
Joanne Katz
Caitlin Kennedy

Kunihiro Matsushita
Evan Mayo Wilson

Academic Year 2017-2018

Laura Caulfield

David Dowdy
Leah Jager
John McGready
Rashelle Musci
Tonia Poteat
Casey Rebholz
Josh Sharfstein
Adam Spira
Peter Winch

Golden Apple:
Carlos Castillo-Salgado
Lorraine Dean

Sydney Dy
Alvaro Munoz

Academic Year 2016-2017

Stefan Baral

Aruna Chandran
Meghan Davis
Julie Denison
Marie Diener-West
J. Marie Hardwick
Bradley Herring
Doug Norris
Drew Pardoll
Jeanine Marie Parisi

Golden Apple:
Marie Diener-West
Brad Herring

Kristin Mmari
Tonia Poteat

Academic Year 2015-2016

Judith Bass
David Bishai
John Bridges
Carlos Castillo-Salgado
Jed Fahey
Jessica Jones-Smith

Justin Lessler
Mindi Levin
Stephen Teret

Andrea Wirtz

Golden Apple:
Carey Borkoski

Gundula Bosch
Justin Lessler
John McGready

Academic Year 2014-2015

Lawrence Appel

Michelle Carlson
Josef (Joe) Coresh
Thomas A. Glass

Jonathan Golub
Eliseo Guallar
Jesse Jones-Smith
Andrea Ruff    
Elizabeth Selvin                                                    

Elizabeth Stuart

Golden Apple:
David Bishai
Larissa Jennings
Vincent Navarro
Alan Scott