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Associate Scientist

Contact Info

415 N. Washington Street, Room 323

Research Interests

women's leadership; implementation science; implementation research; gender; knowledge translation; evidence-based decision making; capacity building; mentorship; training; education; applied learning; network analysis; bioethics; qualitative methods; mixed-methods;

Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
George Washington University
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

I am an implementation scientist and gender specialist with extensive experience in international settings. My primary interests include promoting women's leadership in global health, conducting implementation research, incorporating intersectional and gender lenses into research and dissemination, institutional capacity strengthening, and knowledge translation for policy makers.

I serve as the Assistant Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health which services the entire University and seeks to promote interdisciplinarity in global health. My work and research aims to improve the capacity of academic institutions to support global health training across the continuum of education.

I am also the co-Director of the Gender and Health Summer Institute which offers applied courses for health trainees and professionals seeking skills in gender research and programming. 

Current projects include:
1) The Emerging Women Leaders in Global Health (EDGE) Initiative. Activities include regular story-telling seminars, a one-week course, and an active virtual network with more than 900 members around the world.
2) Monitoring and Evaluation for Gender Equity (MAGE)
3) Mapping, synthesizing, and disseminating lessons learned from polio eradication using an implementation science lens (STRIPE)

Honors & Awards

Excellence in Teaching, 2016-2017
Excellence in Teaching, 2017-2018
Excellence in Teaching, 2019-2020
Excellence in Teaching, 2020-2021
Excellence in Teaching, 2021-2022
Excellence in Teaching, 2022-2023


Select Publications

Selected publications on global health training, mentorship, and interdisciplinary approaches

  • Anna Kalbarczyk, Aditi Rao, Adedamola Adebayo, Ellie Decker, Sue Gerber, Rosemary Morgan. (2021). The influence of gender dynamics on polio eradication efforts at the community, workplace, and organizational level. Global Health Research and Policy

  • Anna Kalbarczyk, Meagan Harrison, Maria Cecilia Dedios Sanguineti, Juddy Wachira, Carlos A. Faerron Guzman, Bhakti Hansoti. (2020). Practical and ethical solutions for applied learning experiences in global health. Annals of Global Health.

  • Anna Kalbarczyk, Aditi Rao, Yodi Mahendradhata, Piyusha Majumdar, Ellie Decker, Humayra Binte Anwar, Oluwaseun Akinyemi, Ahmad Omid Rahimi, Patrick Kayembe, Olakunle O. Alonge. (2020). Evaluating the process of partnership and research in global health: reflections from the STRIPE project. BMC Public Health.

  • Anna Kalbarczyk, Daniel C Rodriguez, Yodi Mahendradhata, Malabika Sarker, Assefa Seme, Piyusha Majumdar, Oluwaseun O Akinyemi, Patrick Kayembe, Olakunle O Alonge. (2021). Barriers and facilitators to knowledge translation activities within academic institutions in low-and middle-income countries. Health Policy and Planning.

  • Anna Kalbarczyk, Wendy Davis, Sam Kalibala, Scott Geibel, Aisha Yansaneh, Nina A. Martin, Ellen Weiss, Deanna Kerrigan, Yukari C. Manabe. (2019). Research capacity strengthening in Sub-Saharan Africa: Recognizing the importance of local partnerships in designing and disseminating HIV implementation science to reach the 90-90-90 goals. AIDS and Behavior. DOI:

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