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The Johns Hopkins University

Center for Global Women's Health and Gender Equity

About Us

The Center for Global Women's Health and Gender Equity is at the forefront of addressing today's critical gender equity issues. With the global momentum for women's health and gender equality reaching unprecedented heights, our Center is committed to achieving the ambitious goals set by UN Sustainable Development Goal 5, including ending discrimination and violence against women and girls.

We harness the exceptional research and training resources of Johns Hopkins University to advance the field of gender equity and women's health, shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Our Center unites practitioners, leaders, and advocates from around the world and within Johns Hopkins to drive progress through applied research and training.

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Our overarching mission is to advance global women’s health and gender equity through action-oriented research, training, and translation.

Priority Areas

  • Eliminating gender-based violence and other harmful practices, including child marriage and female genital cutting/mutilation
  • Empowering women and girls including within the economic, social, and political spheres that shape women’s health and lives
  • Strengthening health systems to optimize gender equity, including leadership and governance, service delivery, health financing, human resources, products and technology, and measurement and data.


Our training spans coursework for current and prospective students, a Certificate program for deeper engagement, and non-degree short-courses designed for busy practitioners and decision-makers.


Our applied research agenda provides evidence on the extent, underlying drivers and impacts of gender inequity – and develops and tests the next generation of innovative, evidence-based solutions.


Guiding Principles

We are inclusive, drawing on frameworks of equity, intersectionality and social justice.

We are grounded, drawing on principles of community engagement, social determinants of health, and human rights to understand and amplify the voice and experiences of those most affected.

We are collaborative, creating spaces and opportunities to bring people together, and using innovative methods that enable connection.

Summer Institute in Gender and Health

May - August 2024 | Online | Short Courses

The Gender and Health Summer Institute is an exciting opportunity to build or refresh your skills in various aspects of gender and equity analysis. Featuring teaching by global experts, the Institute usually attracts students and those seeking professional development. It’s a great primer for learners seeking to integrate a gendered approach in their current thinking or practice, or those who wish to advise on gender within health organizations.


The Center for Global Women's Health and Gender Equity hosts events throughout the year. See our current schedule below or subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of upcoming events and more!

Featured Project

Monitoring and Action for Gender and Equity (MAGE)

MAGE is a partnership between JHU and the Global Financing Facility for Women, Children and Adolescents (GFF). It supports gender- and equity-intentional monitoring and evaluation and data use to improve gender equality and Reproductive Maternal, Newborn, Children, and Adolescent Health and Nutrition (RMNCAH-N). 

Learn More

Gender-based Violence: Evidence to Catalyze Action

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Dean's Lecture featuring Center for Global Women's Health and Gender Equity Director Dr. Michele Decker. 

Center Director

Michele R. Decker, ScD

“The Center is designed to deliver results on the most pressing gender equity issues of our time, leveraging JHU’s unparalleled methodological and training strengths to elevate scientific excellence and extend the talent pipeline for onward sustainability. I look forward to partnering with colleagues across JHU to build on the successful work of our predecessors and to push the field forward.”

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Together we can deliver results on the most pressing gender equity issues of our time and make a difference in the lives of women and girls around the world.