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Department of International Health Faculty Receive Johns Hopkins Discovery Awards


Five International Health faculty are part of winning project teams that received a 2022 Johns Hopkins Discovery Award. The awards aim to spark synergistic interactions between investigators across the University. The interdisciplinary teams are composed of faculty and staff from at least two schools or affiliate institutions across the University. This year, there were 35 awards given out of 199 proposals.

Congratulations to the following faculty in the Department of International Health for receiving an award:

  • Joseph Ali, assistant professor in the Department’s Health Systems Program
  • Abdul Bachani, associate professor, Health Systems Program
  • Jessica Fanzo, professor in the Department’s Human Nutrition Program;
  • Yusra Shawar, assistant scientist, Health Systems Program
  • Anita Shet, senior scientist in the Department’s Global Disease Epidemiology and Control Program.

They are part of the following projects that will be funded through the Discovery Awards:

  • The Next Frontier to Improve Public Health: Exploring the Use of Artificial Intelligence to Assess the Exposome. Team members: Fenna Sille (Public Health), Carsten Prasse (Engineering), Brian Caffo (Public Health), Meredith McCormack (Medicine), Thomas Pisanic (Engineering) & Joseph Ali (Berman, Public Health)
  • Harnessing the Power of Public Health & Engineering: Developing Low-Cost Sensor Technologies for Telerehabilitation in LMICs. Team members: Abdulgafoor Bachani (Public Health) & James West (Engineering)
  • Bringing Modeling and Simulation to Food Systems Decision-Making – Team members: Jessica Fanzo (International Studies, Berman, Public Health), Rebecca McLaren (Berman), Jason Lee (Applied Physics Lab) & Hans Mair (Applied Physics Lab)
  • Power Dynamics and Health Initiative Design as Determinants of Peacebuilding: A Translational Research Program on Peace-through-Health. Team members: Majd AlGhatrif (Medicine), Yusra Ribhi Shawar (Public Health) & Daniel Serwer (International Studies)
  • Achieving Actionable Dengue Early Warning Systems. Team members: Benjamin Zaitchik (Arts & Sciences), Lauren Gardner (Engineering) & Anita Shet (Public Health)

Read more about the award and view the full list of recipients