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Zhiqing (Albert)

Associate Professor

Contact Info

Research Interests

Workplace mental health, workplace mistreatment, employee work-nonwork interface, workplace illegitimate tasks, sleep, substance use, health behaviors

Experiences & Accomplishments
University of South Florida
University of South Florida
Peking University Health Science Center

Zhiqing (Albert) Zhou,PhD, studies how employees' work-related experiences can contribute to their health, well-being, and safety. Specifically, his research has examined the impact of workplace mistreatment (e.g., workplace violence, workplace bullying, and workplace incivility) on workers’ work outcomes, physical and mental health, and family outcomes, and how organizational and individual practices can prevent the occurrence of workplace mistreatment. In addition, he studies how workers’ experiences in their work domain and nonwork (e.g., family, community, and personal) domains affect each other, and how their work-nonwork interface affects the health and well-being of themselves and their family members. His research also focuses on promoting organizational and worker practices to promote workers’ productivity, physical and mental health, well-being, and safety. Dr. Zhou has worked closely with graduate students and collaborators across the globe in these areas.  He is currently an Associate Editor of Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Group & Organization Management, and Stress & Health.

Honors & Awards

Summer Faculty Research Fellowship, 2021 & 2022, Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Academy of Management OB Division Best Reviewer Award, 2015

SIOP LGBT Ad-Hoc Committee’s Research Award, 2012

Select Publications

Recent Publications (*mentored students)

  • Rodriguez, W. A. *, Zhou, Z. E., Busse, K. A. *, & Che, X. X. (2023). Family-to-work conflict and instigated incivility: The role of negative affect and supervisor behaviors. Stress & Health.

  • Rodriguez, W. A. * & Zhou, Z. E. (2023). How supervisor incivility begets employee silence: The role of trust in supervisor and perceived organizational support. Occupational Health Science, 1-26.

  • Li, A., Zhou, Z. E., Shao, P., & Lin, Q. (2023). The father’s and the mother’s intrinsic work motivation and their work-to-family conflict perceived by the adolescent: Dyadic and triadic analyses. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 44, 441–457.

  • Zhou, Z. E., Pindek, S., & Ray, E. J.* (2022). Browsing away from rude emails: Effects of daily active and passive email incivility on employee cyberloafing. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 27(5), 503–515.

  • Yan, A., Guo, H., Zhou, Z. E., Xie, J., & Ma, H. (2022). How moral identity inhibits employee silence behavior: The roles of felt obligation and corporate social responsibility perception. Journal of Business Ethics, 1-16.