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Assistant Scientist

Departmental Affiliations

Social and Behavioral Interventions

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Research Interests

Transgender health; pre-exposure prophylaxis; HIV prevention; qualitative research; mixed methods research

Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Northeastern University

Erin Cooney is a social and behavioral public health researcher and Assistant Scientist in the Department of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Erin completed her doctoral training in qualitative and quantitative research methods at the Bloomberg School as a Ruth L. Kirschstein Fellow supported by the National Institutes of Health.

Erin has led and contributed to research focused on the HIV prevention needs of transgender women, with an emphasis on leveraging social determinants of health to optimize pre-exposure prophylaxis efficacy and address inequities in health outcomes among and within communities of transgender women. She has also been involved in several projects to document and address health inequities in terms of violence, mental health, and substance use outcomes among marginalized groups.

Honors & Awards

Inductee, Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, 2023
Gordis Teaching Fellow, Johns Hopkins University, 2022-2023
Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Fellow, National Institute of Mental Health, 2020-2023
Georgeda Buchbinder Memorial Award, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2020
Centennial Scholar Award, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2019
Inductee, Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health, 2017

Select Publications

Selected publications from the last year:

  • Cooney EE, Saleem HT, Stevenson M, Aguayo-Romero RA, Althoff KN, Poteat TC, Beckham SW, Adams D, Radix AE, Wawrzyniak AJ, Cannon CM, Schneider JS, Haw JS, Rodriguez AE, Mayer KH, Beyrer C, Reisner SL, Wirtz AL. PrEP initiation and discontinuation among transgender women in the United States: a longitudinal, mixed methods cohort study. Journal of the International AIDS Society. 2023 Dec;26(12):e26199. PMID: 38123897.

  • Cooney EE, Footer KHA, Glick JL, Passaniti A, Howes M, Sherman SG. Understanding the social and structural context of oral PrEP delivery: an ethnography exploring barriers and facilitators impacting transgender women who engage in street-based sex work in Baltimore, Maryland. AIDS Research and Therapy. 2023 Dec;20(1):1-0. PMID: 37730616.

  • Wirtz AL, Humes E, Althoff KN, Poteat TC, Radix A, Mayer KH, Schneider JS, Haw JS, Wawrzyniak AJ, Cannon CM, Stevenson M, Cooney EE, Adams D, Case J, Beyrer C, Laeyendecker O, Rodriguez AE, Reisner SL. HIV incidence and mortality in transgender women in the eastern and southern USA: a multisite cohort study. The Lancet HIV. 2023 Feb 28. PMID: 36868260

  • Poteat TC, Humes E, Althoff KN, Cooney EE, Radix A, Cannon CM, Wawrzyniak AJ, Schneider JS, Beyrer C, Mayer KH, Brinkley-Rubinstein L. Characterizing arrest and incarceration in a prospective cohort of transgender women. Journal of Correctional Health Care. 2023 Feb 1;29(1):60-70. PMID: 36037064

  • Cooney EE, Reisner SL, Saleem HT, Althoff KN, Beckham SW, Radix A, Cannon CM, Schneider JS, Haw JS, Rodriguez AE, Wawrzyniak AJ, Poteat TC, Mayer KH, Beyrer C, Wirtz AL. Prevention-effective adherence trajectories among transgender women indicated for PrEP in the United States: a prospective cohort study. Ann Epidemiol. 2022 Jun;70:23-31. PMID: 35398255