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Associate Professor

Ryan Kennedy, PhD, is a behavioral scientist who works to advance tobacco control policies in the U.S. and around the world.

Contact Info

2213 McElderry Street, 4th Floor

Research Interests

tobacco control; emerging nicotine products; public health policy; regulatory science; environmental health; air quality; social marketing; qualitative research; mixed-methods research
Experiences & Accomplishments
University of Waterloo
Ryan David Kennedy (he/him) is a tobacco control researcher interested in the role policy plays in addressing the global tobacco epidemic. Kennedy works in low- and middle-income countries through his role with the Institute for Global Tobacco Control. Kennedy works in many regulatory domains including tobacco advertising at the point-of-sale, health warning labels, and clean air laws. Domestically, Kennedy has a program of research with the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Programs, funded through the Hopkins CERSI (Center for Excellence in Regulatory Science and Innovation) working to understand e-cigarette advertising of product features including flavors. Emerging tobacco products including e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products present interesting public health challenges. Kennedy oversees a global policy scan to understand how countries/jurisdictions are regulating these emerging nicotine delivery systems.

Kennedy has a long history of working on clean air issues and has studied tobacco smoke, wood smoke, and ambient pollution in numerous settings.

Kennedy uses a variety of research methods including observational studies, surveys, content analysis, focus groups and key informant interviews.
Select Publications
These publications reflect my work in tobacco control with a focus on policy to improve public health. I work to generate evidence that will support the development or improvement of tobacco regulation in the US and internationally including clean air laws, health warnings, cessation supports, and point-of-sale advertising and promotion.
  • RD Kennedy, A Awopegba, E De León, JE Cohen. Global approaches to regulating electronic cigarettes. Tobacco Control. 2016 Nov 30:tobaccocontrol-2016.
  • RD Kennedy, A Grant, M Spires, J Cohen. Point-of-sale tobacco advertising and display bans: results from a policy evaluation study using mobile data gathering methods in five Russian cities. JMIR Public Health Surveill 2017;3(3):e52) doi:10.2196/publichealth.6069
  • RD Kennedy, VC Jones Reducing the dangers of e-cigarettes for children: opportunities for regulation and consumer education. The Medical Journal of Australia. 2019 Feb 18;210(3):118-9.
  • RD Kennedy, I Behm, L Craig, ME Thompson, GT Fong, R Guignard, F Beck. Outdoor smoking behaviour and support for outdoor smoking restrictions before and after France's national smoking ban. The European Journal of Public Health. 2012 Feb 1;22(suppl 1):29-34.
  • RD Kennedy, O Douglas, L Stehouwer, J Dawson. The availability of smoking-permitted accommodations from Airbnb in 12 Canadian cities. Tobacco Control Published Online First: 20 February 2017. doi: 10.1136/tobaccocontrol-2016-053315
Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use