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Institute for Global Tobacco Control

Founded in 1998, the Institute for Global Tobacco Control works to build the evidence base informing efforts to effectively end the tobacco epidemic as soon as possible. We strive to produce and assemble the best available information to empower policymakers and public health professionals to implement policy changes to prevent tobacco-caused death and disease. 

We are a partner in the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use, a collaborating centre of the World Health Organization, and our talented, dedicated team is core to our work and our mission. 


We use a three-pillar framework
to fulfill our mission of reducing
tobacco use globally.

Latest IGTC News

Disseminating Knowledge

Online Courses with illustrations of people studying

Free Online Classes

IGTC has developed educational and training programs for tobacco control since its inception, including three free online trainings in global tobacco control. Our courses support the growth of tobacco control advocates globally. 

Published Research

Our team publishes research and commentaries regularly in prominent journals like Tobacco Control, Nicotine & Tobacco Research, Addictive Behaviors and more.

Global Tobacco Control Progress Hub name in teal and blue next to a globe-shaped logo made up of teal and blue circles

Global Tobacco Control Progress Hub

Visitors to the Global Tobacco Control Progress Hub can explore multi-year trends to monitor, analyze and report on global tobacco control progress. Engaging color-coded maps and graphic visualizations allow users to strengthen FCTC implementation.

Multimedia Content

View videos based on IGTC’s work to eliminate tobacco-caused death and disease, including new and recent studies, guided tutorials of IGTC resources, and an archive of previously recorded lectures and events—all accessible on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to receive notifications about newly posted content.  


Find More of Our Work

Our companion website features our free online courses, the Tobacco Pack Surveillance System database, our AI-driven news monitoring service Tobacco Watcher and more.