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Associate Professor
Kawsar Talaat

Departmental Affiliations

Global Disease Epidemiology and Control

Contact Info

624 N. Broadway, Hampton House 249

Research Interests

International Health; Vaccines; Pandemic Influenza; Enteric Vaccines; ETEC; Shigella; Human Challenge Models
Experiences & Accomplishments
University of Washington
University of Washington
Kawsar Talaat, MD, is a physician who is board certified in Pediatrics, Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases and whose research focuses on vaccines. She has served as the Principal Investigator for early phase clinical trials for a variety of vaccines, including influenza, malaria, Ebola, and enteric bacteria such as Enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC) and Shigella. In addition to her experience in the design and conduct of Phase 1 and 2 clinical vaccine trials, Dr. Talaat has also conducted several human challenge studies to look at the efficacy of novel therapies and vaccines for ETEC and Shigella. Currently, Dr. Talaat serves as the Principal investigator of COVID-19 vaccine trials in adults and children. With extensive work in the area of vaccine safety, Dr. Talaat is the Johns Hopkins PI for the CDC Clinical Immunization Safety Assessment project.
Select Publications
Selected publications from the last 5 years.
  • Talaat, K. R., Luke, C. J., Khurana, S., Manischewitz, J., King, L. R., McMahon, B. A., Karron, R. A., Lewis, K., Qin, J., Follmann, D., Golding, H., Neuzil, K., Subbarao, K. A live attenuated H5N1 vaccine induces long-term immunity in the absence of a primary antibody response. J Infect Dis 2014; 209(12):1860-9. PMID: 24604819.
  • Talaat, K. R., Ellis, R. D., Hurd, J., Hentrich, A., Gabriel, E., Hynes, N. A., Rausch, K. M., Zhu, D., Muratova, O., Herrera, R., Anderson, C., Jones, D., Aebig, J., Brockley, S., MacDonald, N.J., Wang, X., Fay, M. P., Healy, S. A., Durbin, A. P., Narum, D. L., Wu, Y., and Duffy, P. E. Safety and Immunogenicity of Pfs25-EPA/Alhydrogel®, a Transmission Blocking Vaccine against Plasmodium falciparum: An Open Label Study in Malaria Naïve Adults. PLoS One. 2016 October 17; 11(10): e0163144. PMID: 27749907.
  • Halsey, N. A., Talaat, K. R., Greenbaum, A., Mensah, E., Dudley, M., Proveaux, T. and Salmon, D. A. The Safety of Influenza Vaccines in Children: an Institute for Vaccine Safety White Paper. Vaccine, Supplement 2015 Dec 30;33 Suppl 5:F1-F67. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2015.10.080. PMID: 26822822. (Commissioned by the WHO).
  • Talaat, K. R., Karron, R. A., Thumar, B., McMahon, B. A., Schmidt, A. C., Collins, P. L., and Buchholz, U. J. Experimental Infection of Adults with Recombinant Wild-Type Human Metapneumovirus (rHMPV-SHs) J Infect Dis, 2013; 208:1669-78. PMID: 23908489.
  • Coehling, K. L., Luke, C. J., Jin, H., and Talaat, K. R. Development of live attenuated influenza vaccines against pandemic influenza strains. Expert Rev Vaccines 2014; 13(7): 855-71. PMID: 24867587.