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Johns Hopkins Vaccine Initiative

The Johns Hopkins Vaccine Initiative promotes collaborative and interdisciplinary  vaccine research,  education, and implementation efforts to improve health worldwide. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health faculty members are leaders in vaccine research and education. The Johns Hopkins Vaccine Initiative not only promotes and encourages current research programs, but it also identifies new opportunities in vaccine research and policy development that require a coordinated multidisciplinary approach.

The Bloomberg School is unique in that it has substantial strengths in the areas of vaccine policy, finance, implementation, ethics and vaccine safety, as well as the more traditional areas of preclinical and clinical vaccine research. By providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, and for project development by individuals with expertise in various disciplines, JHVI will ensure that we continue to remain competitive in our traditional areas of strength, facilitate the development of new research programs, continue to provide exceptional training opportunities on campus and around the world, and enhance the competitiveness of Bloomberg School faculty for funding in vaccine research and policy-related areas.