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Director, Online Programs for Applied Learning
Senior Lecturer

Contact Info

615 N. Wolfe Street, Room E7636

Research Interests

Epidemiology; HIV; Women; Antiretroviral therapy; Injection drug users; HCV
Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins University
Johns Hopkins University
Columbia University
American University
Primary research interests include the epidemiology and pathogenesis of HIV/AIDS and the effects of HIV infection and treatment on women's reproductive health.
Dr. Golub is Principal Investigator of the data management and analysis center for both the MACS/WIHS-Combined Cohort Study, a multicenter prospective cohort study of over 5,000 older men and women with and without HIV in the US, and the Study of Treatment and Reproductive outcomes (STAR), a multicenter prospective cohort study of 2,000 women of reproductive age, with and without HIV in the US. She previously served as Data Center multi-PI for the Women's Interagency HIV Study (WIHS), the largest ongoing prospective cohort study of HIV among women in the U.S., as well as Director of the Epidemiology/Biostatistics Core for a NIH-funded program project to study HIV susceptibility and pathogenesis in the female genital tract. She was also co-investigator for the Center for the Analysis and Management of the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study (MACS), a nationwide cohort study of HIV-infected and uninfected men, and with the Epidemiology/Biostatistics Core for the North American AIDS Cohort Collaboration of Research and Design (NA-ACCORD).

In addition to her research endeavors, Dr. Golub has taught courses in Epidemiologic methods since 2007, at both JHSPH as well as the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. She has taught in face-to-face, online, and blended formats. She holds a Master of Education degree from Johns Hopkins, and is Director of the school's Online Programs for Applied Learning (OPAL), a suite of master's degree and post-baccalaureate certificate programs that are 100% online and offered part-time, in order to accommodate working professionals in public health. In addition, Dr. Golub serves as a member of both the school's Committee on Academic Standards and the Center for Teaching and Learning Advisory Board, as well as the University's Committee on Online and Part-Time Education and the Academic Programs Continuity Working Group.
Honors & Awards
2010 Elected Member, Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health, Alpha Chapter, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
2009 Awardee, National Institutes of Health Clinical Research Loan Repayment Program (renewal)
2008 Nominee, the Charles C. Shepard Science Award (Garfein RS, Golub ET, …, Thiede H. A peer-education intervention to reduce injection risk behaviors for HIV and hepatitis C virus infection in young injection drug users. AIDS 2007 Sept;21(14):1923-32)
2007 Awardee, National Institutes of Health Clinical Research Loan Repayment Program
2002 NIDA Director’s Travel Award, College on Problems of Drug Dependence 64th Annual Scientific Meeting, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
2001 NIDA Director's Travel Award, College on Problems of Drug Dependence 63rd Annual Scientific Meeting, Scottsdale, Arizona
2001-2003 National Institute on Drug Abuse Institutional NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University
Select Publications
Selected publications include:
  • Decker MR, Benning L, Weber KM, Sherman SG, Adedimeji A, Wilson TE, Cohen J, Plankey MW, Cohen MH, Golub ET. Physical and Sexual Violence Predictors: 20 Years of the Women's Interagency HIV Study Cohort. Am J Prev Med 2016 Nov;51(5):731-742. PMC5360180
  • Miranda AE, Pinto VM, Szwarcwald CL, Golub ET. Prevalence and correlates of preterm labor among young parturient women attending public hospitals in Brazil. Rev Panam Salud Publica.  2012;32(5):330–4.
  • Weinberg A, Allshouse AA, Mawhinney S, Canniff J, Benning L, Wentz EL, Minkoff H, Young M, Nowicki M, Greenblatt R, Cohen MH, Golub ET.  Responses to hepatitis A virus vaccine in HIV-infected women: Effect of hormonal contraceptives and HIV disease characteristics.  J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 2012;60(1):e15-e18.  PMC3332075
  • Keating SM, Golub ET, Nowicki M, Young M, Anastos K, Crystal H, Cohen MH, Zhang J, Greenblatt RM, Desai S, Wu S, Landay AL, Gange SJ, Norris PJ; and the Women’s Interagency HIV Study.  The effect of HIV infection and HAART on inflammatory biomarkers in a population-based cohort of US women.  AIDS 2011 Sept 24;25(15):1823-1832.  PMC3314300.
  • Linas BS, Minkoff H, Cohen MH, Karim R, Cohan D, Wright RL, Young M, Watts DH, Golub ET.  Relative time to pregnancy among HIV-infected and uninfected women in the Women’s Interagency HIV Study, 2002-2009.  AIDS 2011 Mar 13;25(5):707-711. NIHMS417263 PMC3496791
MACS-WIHS Combined Cohort Study