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The New Normal: Transnational Threats to Public Health & Human Rights

Public Facing Webcasts/Symposiums

Wolfe Street Building/W1020 (Becton Dickinson)

Join Lilianne Fan, Dr. Gerson Smoger, Dr. Stefan Baral, and Dr. Chris Beyrer as they speak on transnational threats, how borders are blurred, and how everything affects everyone. 

  • Lilianne Fan, MA, International Director and Co-Founder of Geutanyoë Foundation
  • Gerson Smoger, JD, PhD, Lawyer at Smoger Law Firm
  • Stefan Baral, JD, MBA, MPH, Key Populations Program Director of CPHHR, Associate Professor
  • Chris Beyrer, MD, MPH, Desmond M. Tutu Professor and Director of CPHHR

This will be a hybrid event. Location: W1020, Becton Dickinson. Webcasting:

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