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Doctoral Seminar in Proposal Development

1st Term
International Health
Academic Year
2023 - 2024
Instruction Method
Synchronous Online
Auditors Allowed
Yes, with instructor consent
Available to Undergraduate
Grading Restriction
Course Instructor(s)
Contact Name
Frequency Schedule
Every Year
Next Offered
2024 - 2025
Facilitates doctoral students in the development of research ideas and their dissertation proposals. Incudes the following topics that will vary by term: how to develop a research idea, and components of a solid research proposal – background, design, methods, sample size, analysis, writing to different audiences, research designs in nutrition, ethical review, funding sources and requirements, budgeting, staff management, thesis and manuscript preparation, and professional development.
Learning Objectives
Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  1. Identify the differences between a resume and curriculum vitae
  2. Identify the components of a research career that they would like to pursue and opportunities at JHU to support the process
  3. Conduct a literature review in an area of interest
  4. Develop a concept paper for a study in an area of interest
  5. Write an NIH-style grant on a research topic of interest
  6. Give presentations on a research topic of interest
Methods of Assessment
This course is evaluated as follows:
  • 20% Participation
  • 40% Written Assignment(s)
  • 40% Presentation(s)
Enrollment Restriction
doctoral students only
Special Comments

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