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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Wins 8 Anthem Awards

Winning work spans reproductive health, tobacco control, Black maternal health, mental health, and more.

Teams across the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, including the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, the Institute for Global Tobacco Control, and the Office of External Affairs, have together won eight Anthem Awards. Presented by the Webbys, the Anthem Awards celebrate purpose and mission-driven work from people, companies, and organizations worldwide.


Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

The Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs won a Bronze Award for its Knowledge SUCCESS project, which revamped the “sales funnel” concept—a traditional private sector strategy that maps a customer’s journey from awareness to action—into a new framework that promotes greater use of technical evidence and knowledge in family planning and reproductive health programming. CCP was also chosen as the winner in a Community Voice process where anyone could vote for their favorite project from a list of finalists. Read more about CCP’s awards here.


Institute for Global Tobacco Control

The Institute for Global Tobacco Control won a Silver Award for Spinning a Global Web, a study that monitored and reported on the specific marketing tactics and frequency by which multinational tobacco companies target youth worldwide. Conducted in partnership with the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, the study represents the most expansive analysis of point-of-sale cigarette advertising in low- and middle-income countries to date.

Public Health On Call Podcast

The Public Health On Call podcast won a Silver Award for its episode The Surge in Anti-Trans Bills and Attacks on LGBTQ+ Health, in which Helene Hedian, MD, a Johns Hopkins physician who provides gender-affirming care, describes the dehumanizing aspects of anti-trans legislation and the impacts these bills could have on patients’ daily lives and overall health. 

The podcast also won a Silver Award for its three-part documentary-style series, How Can We Solve the Black Maternal Health Crisis? Through in-depth interviews with top clinicians, advocates, policy experts, education reformers, and Black birthing people, the series explores the historical roots of the crisis, policy efforts to improve maternal health outcomes, and barriers to achieving them.

In addition, Public Health On Call won a Bronze Award for its work overall. The podcast’s 700+ episodes have been listened to or downloaded more than 11 million times across platforms, with its five most listened-to episodes garnering over 30,000 downloads each. 


Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine

Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health magazine won a Silver Award for its feature story Peace of Mind: Protecting Mental Health in Ukraine, which explores the untold injury inflicted on Ukrainian’s mental health by Russia’s invasion. This story elevates the voices of Ukrainian people who administer and receive mental health treatment while illustrating an approach that can be applied in other conflict and humanitarian settings.

The magazine also won a Silver Award for its special sections on Justice and Sexual and Reproductive Health. Across 50+ pages, these two sections explored how violations of human rights erode human health and illuminated connections between health and sexual and reproductive care, the plight of incarcerated pregnant people, the stigma endured by transgender and nonbinary people, and the impacts of reproductive coercion and stigma.

The magazine won a Bronze Award for The Audacity of Inhumanity, a feature story that documents the reach and impact of attacks on health care through interviews with people working for change: health ministers, policy experts, and Syrian physicians.