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We Are on a Mission

Led by the vice dean for faculty, the Bloomberg School Faculty Office is dedicated to crafting and fortifying structures that champion faculty success. We serve as advocates for faculty voices, ensuring their perspectives are incorporated into pivotal policy decisions at both School and University levels. Our ethos revolves around nurturing a vibrant culture of collaboration and inclusivity, where every faculty member knows that they are valued and empowered to reach their full potential. 

We take pride in celebrating the richness of our diverse faculty community, recognizing that it enriches our academic environment and enhances our collective experiences. 


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Meet the Team

Katherine Clegg Smith, PhD

Vice Dean for Faculty
Professor of Health, Behavior and Society

Kate Smith, Professor in Health, Behavior and Society and Vice Dean for Faculty at the Bloomberg School, is a sociologist specializing in the social determinants of health and qualitative research methods as applied to public health inquiries. Her expertise encompasses communication of health information, lived experiences of health conditions, and the interplay between identity and health.

In her role as Vice Dean for Faculty, Kate serves as a voice for faculty in leadership decision making, acting as a liaison between the University and School on faculty policies and initiatives. She oversees all faculty appointments and promotion requests at both the School and University levels, organizes initiatives to promote faculty success, and serves as a valuable resource for all Bloomberg School faculty members.

Isis Conroy-Tabrizi, MS

Administrative Specialist
Appointments and Promotions

Isis Conroy-Tabrizi is a senior associate in Faculty Appointments and Promotions at the Bloomberg School. She has led significant projects, including managing the Faculty Information System (FIS) and cultivating a robust tracking system for appointments and promotions. She has also taken on leadership roles, serving as the inaugural IDARE Staff Assembly representative and participating in the Administrative Development Program. Passionate about recognizing individuals' contributions to public health, Isis is dedicated to making systems more equitable and efficient.

Outside of the office, Isis is an advocate for organic farming and often sells mushrooms at farmers markets. Living in Baltimore city with her wife and two dogs, Isis enjoys spending time outdoors and visiting local Charm City spots! 

Samantha McDonald

Administrative Specialist
Office of Faculty

Samantha McDonald is an administrative specialist, closely collaborating with the School’s Vice Dean for Faculty. She joined the Bloomberg School in 2021 as a senior administrative coordinator in Graduate Education and Research, and brings a wealth of administrative and institutional expertise gained from her prior roles at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Samantha has played a pivotal role in spearheading faculty initiatives at the School, including the Faculty Leadership Program, the New Faculty Orientation Program, and the Faculty Writing Retreats.

Beyond her professional commitments, Samantha enjoys tennis, gardening, and cherishing quality family time on weekends.

Katrina Rhoda

Sr. Administrative Coordinator
Appointments and Promotions

Katrina "Kate" Rhoda brings a wealth of diverse experience and a vibrant energy to her role as a senior faculty appointments and promotions coordinator at the School. With nine years of experience in the mortgage industry, Kate embarked on a mission to challenge herself in a new field, ultimately finding a rewarding role in academic administration.

Driven by the opportunity to facilitate the vital work of faculty members, Kate finds fulfillment in witnessing their accomplishments and ensuring they have the support they need to thrive. She brings crucial skills of organization, collaboration, and effective communication to the team. 

Beyond her professional endeavors, Kate finds joy in spending time outdoors with her dog, cooking vegan and vegetarian dishes, and cherishing moments with her son.

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Office of Faculty 
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