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Center for Teaching and Learning

We champion educational excellence in public health, ensuring innovative and engaging learning experiences in the classroom and online.

Services Overview

Educational quality at the Bloomberg School goes beyond the unrivaled caliber of our faculty and students. Here, excellence in public health teaching is a science. The Center for Teaching and Learning team is dedicated to applying evidence-based methods and professionally produced tools to help instructors create a rich and inspiring learning environment.

Our instructional designers, web developers, technical writers, medical illustrators, and audio and video specialists collaborate with subject-matter experts to produce state-of-the-art academic and training courses as well as open educational resources on health-related topics. They equip our faculty with the latest tools and best practices for student engagement, accessibility, learning assessment, and course management—for both online and on-campus learning.

Here are some of the ways the Center supports the Bloomberg School:

  • Collaborating in designing, developing, producing, and delivering courses
  • Consulting with faculty regarding content delivery, learning assessments, and increasing student engagement
  • Training faculty, students, and staff in teaching techniques and course-management technologies
  • Supporting the School's efforts to provide every person with lifelong learning opportunities to satisfy their curiosity, enhance their skills, and deepen their expertise at any stage of life. Lifelong learning opportunities are available through open educational resources or massive open online courses (MOOCs) and can be found on Coursera, FutureLearn, and CoursePlus.
  • Collaborating with faculty to produce online training programs for delivery via CoursePlus to a wide variety of external audiences

Bloomberg School experts are developing and delivering the most engaging and innovative learning experiences online and onsite.

Teaching Toolkit

We invite all educators and instructional designers to take advantage of our team’s expertise in high-quality instruction. Explore the toolkit, and be sure to subscribe to our blog for updates, trending topics, and technical tips on course development, best practices for teaching online and onsite, and much more.

Teaching Assistant Training

Teaching assistants (TAs) play an important role in the School’s world class education. Working as a TA can be a valuable experience across all departments and programs; this is especially true for those students considering a career in academia. The Center for Teaching and Learning offers extensive resources to train and support TAs, including a certificate that prepares TAs for various key responsibilities and skills.

Leading Technology: CoursePlus

Developed and maintained by the Center for Teaching and Learning, CoursePlus is the Bloomberg School’s proprietary delivery platform for online and onsite for-credit courses. The platform ensures seamless access and consistency across all learning experiences.

Explore Course Material

Introduction to Online Learning is a free, mandatory prerequisite for all online courses at the Bloomberg School. It’s open to prospective students and designed to provide a thorough overview of what the CoursePlus online experience will be like. It helps everyone acclimate to the technology together. Take a few minutes to enroll to see how we prepare our students for success before they even start their public health education. 



Immersive Reality Content

Immersive reality filmmaking within the field of public health has the potential to share community health perspectives by bringing the viewer using a virtual reality headset literally inside of the story. The Center for Teaching and Learning worked with WisdomVR, Emmy-nominated producers of the virtual reality documentary, Inside COVID19, to develop a 360 video for one of our academic courses, the “The Science of Narrative: Storytelling in Public Health” taught by David Fakunle.  

David Fakunle immersive reality lecture shoot

Associate faculty member David Fakunle, PhD '18, participates in an immersive reality photo shoot for a lecture on the 9th floor of the Wolfe St. building of the Bloomberg School overlooking Baltimore.

“Our Center is focused on creating the most effective and powerful teaching materials for our students. We are really excited by the final product and feel that this represents a major step forward into developing immersive academic content.” – CTL Video Production Coordinator David Toia 

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