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Associate Professor
Lori Leonard

Departmental Affiliations

Center & Institute Affiliations

Contact Info

624 North Broadway, Room 298
410 502-4080

Research Interests

Global Health, Chad, Anthropology, Ethnography, Long-Term Fieldwork, Extractive Industries, Gender Studies, Reproductive Health, Children

Experiences & Accomplishments
Harvard University
Harvard University

I am working on a long-term study of an oil pipeline project in Chad that was supposed to double as a poverty reduction project. I have followed 80 households in the oilfield region for more than a decade, and am currently writing about the strategies and tactics they use to remake their lives and livelihoods as their land is expropriated.

I also study clinical care practices and public health interventions around the AIDS epidemic in the US. I have worked with a group of young women living with HIV in the Bronx, Chicago, New Orleans, and Miami, interviewing them over a three-year period to look at the role of the clinic and therapeutic interventions in their lives. I have also studied changes in clinical routines and practices after clinical practice guideline came out calling for routine HIV screening in the US. I am interested in the differential distribution of screening and other interventions and their implications for self-identity, stigma, self-care, and young people’s sense of their place in the world.

Honors & Awards

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Fellow

Margaret Bright Award for Excellence in Teaching

Advising, Mentoring and Teaching Award (AMTRA)

Faculty Innovation Award

New Century Scholars Award, Fulbright Foundation and the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars (CIES)

Population Council Fellowship

David E. Bell Fellowship (MacArthur Foundation), Harvard University, Center for Population and Development Studies

J. William Fulbright Fellowship

Frederick Sheldon Fellowship, Harvard University

Julian Mack Research Grant, Harvard School of Public Health

Select Publications
  • Leonard, L. (2011). Working ‘off the record’: Polio eradication and state immunity in Chad. Critical Public Health, 21(3), 257-271.

  • Leonard, L., Berndtson, K., Matson, P., Philbin, M., Arrington-Sanders, R., and Ellen, J.M. (2010). How physicians test: Clinical practice guidelines and HIV screening practices with adolescent patients. AIDS Education and Prevention, 22(6), 539-546. [PMCID: PMC3105471].

  • Leonard, L. (2010). Negotiating doctoral dissertation publications: A reply. Qualitative Health Research, 20(5), 723-726.

  • Leonard, L. (2009). Experiments with 'modernism': The allure and dangers of genital surgeries in southern Chad. Medische Antropologie, 21(1), 93-106.

  • Das, V., Ellen, J.M., and Leonard, L. (2008). On the modalities of the domestic. Home Cultures, 5(3), 349-372.

The Chad Pipeline Project: Local Ecologies And Health