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Associate Lecturer
Karen Charron

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Karen Charron, MPH ‘91, is an experienced course instructor and graduate cohort director who teaches and mentors students in the Master of Health Administration program.

Contact Info

624 N. Broadway, Room 531

Research Interests

MHA;Management;healthcare;administration;mentoring;professional development; residency; IDARE
Experiences & Accomplishments
Towson State University
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Originally trained as nurse, I earned by BSN at Towson University and MPH at JHSPH in its 75th year (1991). I have been on the faculty of JHSPH since 1999, beginning in the Department of International Health focused on the conduct of clinical vaccine trials and led training programs for US and International investigators and teams. In 2000, I launched one of the early online courses at JHSPH, Good Clinical Practice, a vaccine trial perspective, and taught it for 18 years and taught a MOOC course to >1600 students through Coursera.

As my career evolved, my interest in teaching, mentoring, and advising continued to grow. I directed the Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) in Global Disease Epidemiology and Control for 16 years, working with over 400 students. I am currently in the Department of Health Policy and Management as Associate Director for Residency Coordination and Professional Development of the Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program, where I lead the professional development seminar series. I am honored to serve on the HPM IDARE Committee.

In the administrative space, I chaired the CEPH reaccreditation committee for the school beginning in 2013, which resulted in JHSPH reaccreditation in 2015 through 2022. I was a key contributor to the Commission on Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) successful reaccreditation of the JHU MHA program accredited through 2029. The MHA is currently ranked 9th in the country.

I am always interested in speaking with potential students.
Select Publications
Most recent publications
  • Charron K, Kalbarczyk A, Martin NA, Combs EA, Ward M, Leontsini E. Building Blocks of Global Health Mentorship: Motivation, Expectations, and Institutional Support. Ann Glob Health. 2019;85(1):39. Published 2019 Mar 18. doi:10.5334/aogh.1537
  • Kalbarczyk A, Leontsini E, Combs E, Yang F, Ahmadi A, Charron K. Evaluation and Support Mechanisms of an Emerging University-wide Global Health Training Program. Ann Glob Health. 2015;81(5):602-610. doi:10.1016/j.aogh.2015.08.025
  • Sahay S, Mehendale S, Sane S, et al. Correlates of HIV vaccine trial participation: an Indian perspective. Vaccine. 2005;23(11):1351-1358. doi:10.1016/j.vaccine.2004.09.032
(Hvtn) Hiv Vaccine Trials Network
Good Clinical Practice Workshop Development And Implementation
HIV Vaccine Trial Site Development and Training
The Johns Hopkins Fogarty AIDS International Training & Research Program (AITRP)
Developing a productive experience for public health students overseas