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- Emeritus

Contact Info

652 Hampton House
410 955-0470

Research Interests

Medical effectiveness, evidence-based medicine, patient outcomes, integration of outcomes management systems, managed care, access to care, effectiveness of systems of care, quality profiling, healthcare management information systems (MIS)

Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins University

Research interests are improving medical effectiveness and patient outcomes, use of management information systems to monitor quality of care, examining the impact of financing alternatives on cost and quality, and health system performance.  Current research seeks to understand effective methods for increasing adherence to evidence-based practice and the impact of payment incentives on patterns of care and outcomes for chronic diseases. Has contributed to the literature on the impact of managed care and payments systems on access to care, quality, utilization, and cost.  Was a co-developer of the widely used ACG (Adjusted Clinical Groups) case mix adjustment and co-developer of the Johns Hopkins HaH (Hospital at Home).   Has developed methods for measuring provider continuity, needs and unmet needs for care, and measures of the timeliness of care.  Has a particular interest in the role of routine management information systems (MIS) as source of data for evaluating the effectiveness and cost of health care.  This includes work on the integration of outcomes management systems with existing MIS in managed care settings.

Honors & Awards

Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Honorary (1967) The Outstanding Graduating Engineer in the College of Mines and Engineering of the University of Arizona (1968) Delta Omega, Public Health Honorary (1984) President, Association for Health Services Research (1988) Elected, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences (1993) American Public Health Association - Mental Health Section Award (1994) Elected Association for Health Services Research -Distinguished Fellow (1996)

Select Publications
  • Pronovost PJ, Thompson DA, Holzmueller CG, Lubomski LH, Dorman T, Dickman F, Fahey M, Steinwachs DM, Engineer L, Sexton JB, Wu AW, Morlock LL, Toward Learning from Patient Safety Reporting Systems. J Crit Care, Dec 2006; 21(4):305-315

  • Friedman SM, Steinwachs DM, Temkin-Greener H, Mukamel DB. Informal Caregivers and the Risk of Nursing Home Admission Among Individuals Enrolled in the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly. Gerontologist, Aug 2006; 46(4): 456-63.

  • Daumit Gl, Pronovost PJ, Anthony CB, Guallar E, Steinwachs DM, Ford DE. Adverse Events During Medical and Surgical Hospitalization for Persons with Schizophrenia. Arch Gen Psychiatry, Mar 2006; 63:267-272.

  • Leff G, Burton L, Mader SL, Naughton B, Furl J, Clark R, Greenough WB, Guido S, Steinwachs D, Burton JR. Satisfaction with Hospital at Home Care. J Amer Geriatrics Soc 2006; 54:1355-1363.

  • Lehman AF, Kreyenbuhl J, Buchanan RW, Dickerson FB, Dixon LB, Goldberg R, Freen-Paden LD, Tenhula WN, Boerescu D, Tek C, Sandson N, Steinwachs DM. The Schizophrenia Patient Outcomes Research Team (PORT): Updated Treatment Recommendations 2003. Schizophrenia Bull., 2004: 30(2): 193-217.

Comparative Effectiveness of Care Delivery Interventions in Serious Mental Illness