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Associate Professor
- Adjunct

Departmental Affiliations

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Research Interests

  • Environmental Health
  • Occupational Health
  • Public Health
  • occupational medicine
  • environmental health sciences
Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins University
Case Western Reserve University

My work has focused on several areas: indoor environments; public health practice particularly related to environmental and occupational health; development of surveillance systems for environmental and occupational health, including development of Maryland's Environmental Public Health Tracking program at the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene; and training of health professionals and para-professionals, particularly as it relates to preparedness.

Select Publications
  • 1: Shubert J, Ritchie EC, Everly GS Jr, Fiedler N, Williams MB, Mitchell CS, Langlieb AM. A missing element in disaster mental health: behavioral health surveillance for first responders. Int J Emerg Ment Health. 2007 Summer;9(3):201-13. Review.

  • 2: Geer LA, Anna D, Curbow B, Diener-West M, de Joode BW, Mitchell C, Buckley TJ. Survey assessment of worker dermal exposure and underlying behavioral determinants. J Occup Environ Hyg. 2007 Nov;4(11):809-20.

  • 3: Resnick B, Zablotsky J, Farrow O, Glotfelty R, Heard P, Kelly S, Mitchell C, Phillips F, Burke T. Enhancing the Maryland environmental public health workforce: a collaborative approach. J Environ Health. 2007 Jul-Aug;70(1):32-6, 63.

  • 4: Mitchell CS, Gochfeld M, Shubert J, Kipen H, Moline J, Langlieb A, Everly GS Jr, Udasin I, Wartenberg D, Paulson G. Surveillance of workers responding under the National Response Plan. J Occup Environ Med. 2007 Aug;49(8):922-7.

  • 5: Mitchell CS, Zhang JJ, Sigsgaard T, Jantunen M, Lioy PJ, Samson R, Karol MH. Current state of the science: health effects and indoor environmental quality. Environ Health Perspect. 2007 Jun;115(6):958-64. Epub 2007 Jan 25. Review.