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Assistant Professor

Catherine K. Ettman, PhD, studies population mental health, assets, and policies within and outside of the medical system that can improve health and reduce disparities.

Contact Info

624 N. Broadway

Research Interests

Population mental health; social determinants of health; health policy; health services research; assets; economic factors; health disparities

Experiences & Accomplishments
Brown University School of Public Health
Princeton University
Honors & Awards

§     Top Cited Article 2021-2022, Journal of Traumatic Stress, 2022.

§     Top Ten Most Talked About Articles of 2020, JAMA Network Open, 2020.

§     The Lancet Cover for Access to Health Care and the US 2020 Election, 2020.

§     PROSE Award from the Association of American Publishers in the category of Nursing & Allied Health for Urban Health, 2020.

§     BUSPH Spot Award for operational excellence, 2020.

§     American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award in Environmental Health for Urban Health, 2019

Select Publications

Select publications

  • Ettman CK, Lupton Brantner C, Albert M, Goes F, Mojtabai R, Spivak S, Stuart EA, and Zandi PP. Trends in telehealth and in-person psychiatric care from 2017-2022 among patients with depression in a large US academic medical system. Psychiatric Services. 2023. DOI:

    Ettman CK, Fan AY*, Philips A*, Adam GP, Ringlein G*, Clark MA, Wilson IB, Vivier PM, Galea S. Financial strain and depression in the U.S.: A scoping review. Translational Psychiatry. 2023; 13: 168.

    Ettman CK, Fan AY*, Subramanian M*, Adam GP, Badillo Goicoechea E, Abdalla SM, Stuart EA, Galea S. Prevalence of depressive symptoms in U.S. adults during the COVID-19 pandemic: A systematic review. SSM - Population Health. 2023; 21: 101348.

    Ettman CK, Fazaludeen SK, Fan AY*, Robbins G, Shain J*, Cozier Y, Abdalla SM, Galea S. More, less, or the same: a scoping review of studies that compare depression between Black and White U.S. adult populations. Social Science & Medicine – Mental Health. 2022; 2: 100161.

    Ettman CK, Cohen GH, Abdalla SM, Trinquart L, Castrucci BC, Bork RH, Clark MA, Wilson IB, Vivier PM, Galea S. Assets, stressors, and persistent depression over the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Science Advances. 2022; 8(9).

    Ettman CK, Adam GP, Clark MA, Wilson IB, Vivier PM, Galea S. Wealth and depression: A scoping review. Brain and Behavior. 2022; 12(3).

    Ettman CK, Cohen GH, Abdalla SM, Sampson L, Trinquart L, Castrucci BC, Bork RH, Clark MA, Wilson IB, Vivier PM, Galea S. Persistent depressive symptoms during COVID-19: a national, population-representative, longitudinal study of U.S. adults. The Lancet Regional Health Americas. 2021.

    Ettman CK, Cohen GH, Abdalla SM, Galea S. Do assets explain the relation between race/ethnicity and depression in U.S. adults? PLoS ONE. 2020; 15(10): e0239618.

    Ettman CK, Abdalla S, Cohen GH, Sampson L, Vivier PM, Galea S. Prevalence of depression symptoms in U.S. adults before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. JAMA Network Open. 2020; 3(9): e2019686-e2019686.

  • Books 

    Galea S, Ettman CK, Zaman M, eds. Migration and health. University of Chicago Press, 2022.

    Galea S, Ettman CK, Vlahov D, eds. Urban health. Oxford University Press, 2019.