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Assistant Scientist

Departmental Affiliations

Global Disease Epidemiology and Control

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Research Interests

under-five mortality; neonatal mortality; infant mortality; stillbirth; maternal mortality; causes of death; reproductive health; maternal health; child health; civil registration and vital statistics; health and demographic surveillance systems; record linkage

Experiences & Accomplishments

Dr. Eilerts-Spinelli is a public health researcher with extensive training in demography, epidemiology, statistics, and data science. She is interested in utilizing quantitative methods for monitoring population health in high‑burden settings and informing data‑driven strategies to address global inequities. The majority of her research so far has focused on improving monitoring of maternal and child health in settings lacking adequate vital statistics.

Select Publications
  • Tang, K., Eilerts, H., Imohe, A., Adams, K.P., Sandalinas, F., Moloney, G., Joy, E., & Hasman, A. (2023). Evaluating equity dimensions of infant and child vitamin A supplementation programmes using Demographic and Health Surveys from 49 countries. BMJ Open, 13(3), e062387.

  • Eilerts-Spinelli, H., Prieto, J. R., Ambia, J., Khagayi, S., Kabudula, C., Eaton, J. W., & Reniers, G. (2022). Evaluating pregnancy reporting in Siaya Health and Demographic Surveillance System through record linkage with ANC clinics. International Journal of Population Data Science, 7(4), Article 4.

  •  Gazeley, U., Reniers, G., Eilerts-Spinelli, H., Prieto, J. R., Jasseh, M., Khagayi, S., & Filippi, V. (2022). Women’s risk of death beyond 42 days post partum: A pooled analysis of longitudinal Health and Demographic Surveillance System data in sub-Saharan Africa. The Lancet Global Health, 10(11), e1582–e1589.

  • Verhulst, A., Prieto, J. R., Alam, N., Eilerts-Spinelli, H., Erchick, D. J., Gerland, P., Katz, J., Lankoande, B., Liu, L., Pison, G., Reniers, G., Subedi, S., Villavicencio, F., & Guillot, M. (2022). Divergent age patterns of under-5 mortality in south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa: A modelling study. The Lancet Global Health, 10(11), e1566–e1574.

  • Eilerts, H., Romero Prieto, J., Eaton, J. W., & Reniers, G. (2021). Age patterns of under‑5 mortality in sub‑Saharan Africa during 1990‒2018: A comparison of estimates from demographic surveillance with full birth histories and the historic record. Demographic Research, 44(18), 415–442.

Child and Adolescent Causes of Death Estimation
Improving Age- and Cause-Specific Under-Five Mortality Rates by Systematically Accounting Measurement Errors to
Unpacking patterns of excess COVID-19 mortality for children and young people in the US