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Assistant Professor

Benjamin Huynh, PhD, uses data science and AI to address public health issues related to environmental injustices and disasters.

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Research Interests

environmental justice; planetary health; health equity; climate justice; disaster risk management; humanitarian health; refugee health; data science; machine learning; causal inference; algorithmic fairness; forecasting; explainable AI; sustainable AI; small area estimation; probabilistic modeling

Experiences & Accomplishments

My research involves policy-relevant issues at the intersection of data science and planetary health. I study how data science can be used to advance environmental justice both locally and internationally, addressing health issues for populations most vulnerable to climate change and environmental exposures. Locally, I investigate how to address environmental exposures, policies, and algorithms that further environmental injustices. Internationally, I develop approaches in collaboration with local organizations, NGOs, and UN agencies to advance health equity and disaster resilience for populations such as refugees and those in humanitarian contexts.

I completed my PhD in Biomedical Data Science at Stanford and obtained a BS in Statistics at the University of Chicago. I have also worked in data science roles for the World Health Organization and Médecins Sans Frontières.

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