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Assistant Scientist
David Sosnowski

Departmental Affiliations


David W. Sosnowski, PhD, is a developmental psychologist who studies the role of epigenetic modifications in the context of childhood adversity and substance use.

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Research Interests

adverse childhood experiences; substance use; epigenetics; resilience

Experiences & Accomplishments
Virginia Commonwealth University
Pennsylvania State University

David W. Sosnowski, PhD, is an Assistant Scientist in the Department of Mental Health. His research broadly centers on understanding the complex biological and social mechanisms linking childhood adversity to health and behavior throughout life and factors that promote resilience in these contexts.

Dr. Sosnowski's research is currently focused on the intergenerational transmission of stress, specifically how maternal prenatal stressors contribute to infant functioning and health through variable DNA methylation and gene expression in offspring.

Select Publications

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Sosnowski, D. W., Rojo-Wissar, D. M., Smail, E., Musci, R. J., & Johnson, S. B. (2022). Expanding on threat and deprivation: Empirical examination of adversity dimensions and psychiatric outcomes among emerging adults. Emerging Adulthood.

  • Sosnowski, D. W., Feder, K. A., Astemborski, J., Genberg, B. L., Letourneau, E. J., Musci, R. J., Mojtabai, R., McCall, L., Holland, E., Loving, L., Kirk, G. D., Mehta, S. H., & Sun, J. (2022). Adverse childhood experiences and comorbidity in a cohort of people who have injected drugs. BMC Public Health, 22, 986.

  • Sosnowski, D. W., Jaffe, A. E., Tao, R., Deep-Soboslay, A., Kleinman, J. E., Hyde, T. M., Shu, C., Sabunciyan, S., & Maher, B. S. (2022). Differential expression of NPAS4 in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex following opioid overdose. Drug and Alcohol Dependence Reports, 3, 100040.

  • Shu, C., Sosnowski, D.W., Tao, R., Deep-Soboslay, A., Kleinman, J. E., Hyde, T. M., Jaffe, A. E., Sabunciyan, S., & Maher, B. S. (2021). Epigenome-wide analysis of brain DNA methylation following acute opioid intoxication. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 221, 108658.

  • Sosnowski, D. W., Booth, C., York, T. P., Amstadter, A. B., & Kliewer, W. (2018). Maternal prenatal stress and infant DNA methylation: A systematic review. Developmental Psychobiology, 60(2), 127-139.