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Assistant Professor
Mark Meiselbach

Departmental Affiliations

Center & Institute Affiliations

Mark K. Meiselbach, PhD '22, applies health economics methods and concepts to inform policy to improve the availability and affordability of health care.

Contact Info

624 N. Broadway, Hampton House 450

Research Interests

health economics; insurance; managed care; substance use disorder; labor economics; employer-sponsored insurance; substance use disorder; mental health

Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Tufts University

Mark K. Meiselbach, PhD is a health economist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. His research focuses on the factors that influence the offering decisions of insurers and employers in privately managed health insurance markets and the potential downstream consequences of those decisions on enrollees. In particular, I am interested in how the decisions of private insurers affect access to treatment and health outcomes in enrollees with mental and behavioral health needs.

Honors & Awards

Best abstract in Health, Labor Markets, and the Economy, American Society of Health Economists Conference (2023)

Best Abstract of the Health Economics Interest Group, AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting (2022)

Alan Gittelsohn Doctoral Scholarship for independent research that combines health policy and statistics, Johns Hopkins University (2021)

Select Publications

Selected publications listed. A full CV can be found on my personal website linked above. - * * *

  • Meiselbach MK, Abraham J. Do Minimum Wage Laws affect Employer-Sponsored Insurance Provision? Journal of Health Economics. 2023.

  • Meiselbach MK, Wang Y, Xu J, Bai G, Anderson G. Commercial Plans Pay More Than Twice What Medicare Advantage Plans Pay When Negotiated by the Same Insurer and Hospital. Health Affairs. 2023.

  • Meiselbach MK, Huskamp H, Eddelbuettel JCP, Kennedy-Hendricks A, Schilling C, Busch A, Stuart EA, Hollander MA, Barry CL, Eisenberg MD. Choice of High-Deductible Health Plans among Enrollees with a Substance Use Disorder. Journal of Substance Use and Addiction Treatment. 2023.

  • Meiselbach MK, Drake C, Zhu JM, Manibusan B, Nagy D, Sorbero MJ, Saloner B, Stein BD, Polsky D. State Policy and the Breadth of Buprenorphine-Prescriber Networks in Medicaid Managed Care. Medical Care Research and Review. 2023.

  • Zhu JM, Meiselbach MK, Drake C, Polsky D. Psychiatrist Networks In Medicare Advantage Plans Are Substantially Narrower Than In Medicaid And ACA Markets. Health Affairs. 2023.

  • Meiselbach MK, Eisenberg MD, Bai G, Sen A, Anderson GF. Labor Market Concentration and Worker Contributions to Health Insurance Premiums. Medical Care Research and Review, May 2021.