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Assistant Scientist
Simon Mutembo

Departmental Affiliations

Global Disease Epidemiology and Control

Center & Institute Affiliations

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Experiences & Accomplishments
University of Georgia.
The University of Georgia,
University of Zambia
University of Zambia
Select Publications
Selected publications of great interest
  • Arambepola, R., Yang, Y., Hutchinson, K., Mwansa, F. D., Doherty, J. A., Bwalya, F., Ndubani, P., Musukwa, G., Moss, W. J., & Mutembo S. Using geospatial models to map zero-dose children: factors associated with zero-dose vaccination status before and after a mass measles and rubella vaccination campaign. bmjgh 2021;007479.
  • Mutembo S, Mutanga JN, Musokotwane K, Kanene C, Dobbin K, Yao X, et al. Urban-rural disparities in treatment outcomes among recurrent TB cases in Southern Province, Zambia. BMC Infect Dis 2019;19(1):1087.
  • Mutembo S, Carcelen A, Mwansa FD, Searle K, Wanyiri JW, Book C, et al. Integrating Blood Collection within Household Surveys: Lessons Learned from Nesting a Measles and Rubella Serological Survey within a Post-Campaign Coverage Evaluation Survey in Southern Province, Zambia. Am J Trop Med Hyg 2018;99(6):1639-42
  • Mutembo S, Mutanga JN, Musokotwane K, Alisheke L, Whalen CC. Antiretroviral therapy improves survival among TB-HIV co-infected patients who have CD4+ T-cell count above 350cells/mm(3). BMC Infect Dis 2016;16(1):572
  • Hayford K, Mutembo S, Carcelen A, Matakala HK, Munachoonga P, Winter A, et al. Measles and rubella serosurvey identifies rubella immunity gap in young adults of childbearing age in Zambia: The added value of nesting a serological survey within a post-campaign coverage evaluation survey. Vaccine 2019;37(17):2387-93
CDC/SPHO HIV/AIDS and TB collaborative agreement
Saving Mothers Giving Life (SMGL).
A Cluster Randomized Trial on the Impact of Integrating Early Infant HIV Diagnosis with the Expanded Programme on Immunization on Immunization and HIV Testing Rates in Rural Health Facilities in Southern Zambia
Evaluation of ART Outcomes in Southern Province after Implementation of HIV Test and Treat Policy
Novel Screening of HIV Exposed Babies
Assisted HIV Oral fluid based test Screening in Children: Estimation of Acceptability, Feasibility and Effectiveness Linked to Index Testing Services in Zambia
Mass vaccination campaigns: Reaching the Zero dose child
Strengthening Immunization Systems through Serological Surveillance Surveillance
Zambia Evaluation & Research of 0-Dose (ZER0-D): Strategies to More Effectively Target Measles Zero-Dose Children