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Research Associate
Fiona Grubin

Departmental Affiliations

Social and Behavioral Interventions

Center & Institute Affiliations

Fiona Grubin, MSPH ‘19, coordinates research and practice projects related to mental and behavioral health, health equity, suicide prevention, and Indigenous health.

Contact Info

Research Interests

Indigenous Health; Health Equity; Community-Based Participatory Research; Mental health; Intervention Research; Suicide Prevention; Strengths-based

Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of
Montana State University

As a research associate with the Center for Indigenous Health I support mental and behavioral health projects. I am interested in work that aims to reduce and eliminate health inequities, especially related to mental health, including prevention/treatment of substance use problems, suicide, and trauma, as well as harnessing cultural strengths to promote overall well-being, health, and upstream prevention efforts. In my graduate studies I contributed to multiple research projects that focused on suicide prevention with Indigenous communities. I completed my BS in applied psychology at Montana State University and my MSPH in social and behavioral interventions at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Select Publications

Selected publications

  • Grubin, F., Maudrie, T. L., Neuner, S., Conrad, M., Waugh, E., Barlow, A., Coser, A., Hill, K., Pioche, S., Haroz, E. E., O’Keefe, V. M. (2022). Development and cultural adaptation of Psychological First Aid for COVID-19 frontline workers in American Indian/Alaska Native communities. Journal of Prevention, 43(5), 697-717.

  • Russette, H., Grubin, F., Ingalls, A., Martin, L., Leonard, A., Kushman, E., Cisler, A., Leffler, E., Herman, A., Haroz, E. E. (2022). Home visitor perspectives on implementing a precision approach to home visiting in communities serving Native American families. Infant Mental Health Journal, 43(5), 744-755.

  • O’Keefe, V. M., Waugh, E., Grubin, F., Cwik, M., Chambers, R., Ivanich, J., Weeks, R., & Barlow, A. (2022). Development of “CULTURE FORWARD: A Strengths and Culture Based Tool to Protect our Native Youth from Suicide.” Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 28(4), 587–597.

  • Haroz, E. E., Grubin, F., Goklish, N., Pioche, S., Cwik, M., Barlow, A., Waugh, E., Usher, J., Lenert, M. C., & Walsh, C. G. (2021). Designing a clinical decision support tool that leverages machine learning for suicide risk prediction: Development study in partnership with Native American care providers. JMIR Public Health and Surveillance, 7(9), e24377.

  • Skewes, M. C., Gameon, J. A., Grubin, F., DeCou, C. R., & Whitcomb, L. (2020). Beliefs about causal factors for suicide in rural Alaska Native communities and recommendations for prevention. Transcultural Psychiatry, 59(1), 78-92.