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Eric B Bass, MD, MPH, is a practicing general internist working to improve health care across the breadth of medical conditions encountered in adult medical practice.

Contact Info

624 N. Broadway, room 680A

Research Interests

  • Evidence based medicine
  • Comparative effectiveness research
  • Community health partnerships
Experiences & Accomplishments

The mission of our Evidence-based Practice Center (EPC) is to perform rigorous systematic reviews of important topics in clinical medicine and public health.  The EPC is part of the Effective Health Care Program of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Dr. Bass is also the Director of the medical school's course on Foundations of Public Health, and is a Co-Director of the medical school's Scholarly Concentration in Public Health and Community Service.

Select Publications
I have extensive experience leading teams in preparing evidence reports on the effectiveness and safety of medical interventions, with a special interest in preventive care and medical problems frequently encountered by general internists. I have led scientifically rigorous reviews of the evidence on a wide variety of topics in clinical medicine and public health. The reviews published by our EPC have had a major impact on clinical practice and health policy. In addition to supporting development and dissemination of practice guidelines, the reviews have been highly cited with 53 articles cited 100 or more times. I have published 258 peer-reviewed articles and 50 evidence reports with an overall H-index of 107 and i1000 of 14.
  • Singh S, Chang SM, Matchar DB, Bass EB. Grading a body of evidence on diagnostic tests. J Gen Intern Med. 2012; 27 (Suppl 1): S47-55.
  • Goyal M, Singh S, Siblinga EM, Gould NF, Rowland-Seymour A, Sharma R, Berger Z, Sleicher D, Maron DD, Shihab HM, Ranasinghe PD, Linn S, Saha S, Bass EB, Haythornthwaite JA.  Meditation programs for psychological stress and well-being. A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.  JAMA Intern Med. doi:10.1001/jamaintermmed.2013.13018. Published online January 6, 2014.
  • Weston CM, Yune S*, Bass EB, Berkowitz SA, Brotman DJ, Deutschendorf A, Howell EE, Richardson MB, Sylvester C, Wu AW. A concise tool for measuring care coordination from the provider's perspective in the hospital setting. Journal of Hospital Medicine 2017; 12:811-817.
  • Bennett WL, Wilson RF, Zhang A, Tseng E*, Knapp EA*, Kharrazi H, Stuart EA, Shogbesan O, Bass EB, Cheskin LJ. Methods for evaluating natural experiments in obesity: a systematic review. Ann Intern Med. 2018; 168: 791-800. doi: 10.7326/M18-0309
  • Hsiao YL, Bass EB, Wu AW, Richardson MB, Deutschendorf A, Brotman DJ, Bellantoni M, Howell EE, Everett A, Hickman D, Purnell L, Zollinger R, Sylvester C, Lyketsos CG, Dunbar L, Berkowtiz SA. Implementation of a comprehensive program to improve coordination of care in an urban academic health care system. J Health Organ Manage. 2018; 32: 638-57. doi: 10.1108/JHOM-09-2017-0228.