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Distinguished Scholar

Jeffrey Michael, EdD, conducts research on mobility services to develop policies for a safer transportation system that provides improved access to health determinants.

Contact Info

624 N. Broadway, Hampton House 544

Research Interests

mobility; public health; motor vehicle; road safety; equity
Experiences & Accomplishments
University of West Virginia
San Francisco State University
Dr. Michael is an accomplished national and international leader with demonstrated leadership in analysis, development and implementation of programs to improve road safety – both in the United States and in other nations. As the Leon S. Robertson Faculty Development Chair in Injury Prevention, Dr. Michael’s current research focuses on the development of strategies for utilizing emerging mobility technologies to improve safety and reduce health disparities. The combination of artificial intelligence, shared rides and electric vehicles is predicted to transform mobility patterns in the next decade. Inherent in this transformation is the potential to deliver mobility services to populations that have historically suffered from limited access to health care, nutritious food and economic opportunities. However, the prevailing market-driven mobility movement is unlikely to reach these underserved populations absent a deliberate scientific and policy initiative dedicated to this purpose. As Coordinator of the New Mobility Initiative within the Center, Dr. Michael is leading an effort to develop evidence-based policy models to steer the deployment of New Mobility products and services for public health benefit. The New Mobility Initiative is working closely with the City of Baltimore to conduct and evaluate mobility experiments and policy evaluations.
Honors & Awards
Leon S. Robertson Faculty Development Chair in Injury Prevention, 2019 - 2022
Administrators Appreciation Award for Innovative Leadership, December 2016
Secretary’s Transportation Safety Award for Safety Posture, October 2016
Secretary’s Gold Medal Award for Outstanding Achievement, October 2016
Secretary’s Partnering for Excellence Award, October 2016
Secretary’s Transportation Safety Award, December 2010
Secretary’s Team Award for Child Safety, November 2008
American Trauma Society Distinguished Achievement Award, April 2004
Friends of EMS Award, National Association of EMS Physicians, January 2003
Resolution of Esteem and Affection, National Association of State EMS Directors, January 2003
Select Publications
Dr. Michael is principal government author for a wide range of safety guidance documents published through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, such as:
  • Road to Zero: A Vision for Achieving Zero Roadway Deaths by 2050, published in 2018
  • Governance of Traffic Safety in an Automated Vehicle Environment, Proceedings of Conference at United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, published in 2017
  • Concussions in Motor Vehicle Crashes, Linking Engineering and Science, National Academies of Science Engineering and Medicine, published in The Bridge in 2016
  • Governance of the Safety of Automated Vehicles, Proceedings of Conference at Stanford University, published in 2016
  • Role of Drug Testing Technology in Impaired Driving Prevention, December 2012
New Mobility Initiative
Ensuring Child Safety in For-Hire Rideshare Vehicles