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Research Associate

Vidhi Maniar, MS ’11, MPH ’19 strives to promote equity and wellness through program development and research focusing on gender equity, non- communicable diseases, digital health and nutrition.

Contact Info

615 N. Wolfe Street, Room E8003

Research Interests

non-communicable diseases, gender, nutrition, and digital health

Experiences & Accomplishments
New York Medical College
S.N.D.T Women’s University
S.V.T College of Home Science

Vidhi Maniar, a public health researcher and program manager, champions equity and wellness in low- and middle-income countries. Her work focuses on crucial areas such as gender equity, non-communicable diseases, digital health, and nutrition, making a significant impact on communities worldwide.


Honors & Awards
  • Academic Excellence Award, New York Medical College, May 2019
  • New York Medical College Delta Alpha Chapter of Delta Omega - the National Honorary Society for Public Health, APHA, May 2022
Select Publications
  • Maniar V, Gibson D, Labrique A, Ali J, Vecino-Ortiz A, Torres-Quintero A, et al. The effect of airtime incentives to improve participation in non- communicable disease interactive voice response surveys: randomized controlled trials in Colombia and Tanzania. Oxford Open Digital Health, 2023;, oqad013,

    Guzman-Tordecilla DN, Vecino-Ortiz AI, Torres-Quintero A, Solorzano-Barrera C, Ali J, Penaloza-Quintero R, Ahmed S, Pariyo G, Maniar V, Gibson D. Examination of the demographic representativeness of a cross-sectional mobile phone survey in collecting health data in Colombia using random digit dialling. BMJ Open 2023;13:e073647. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2023-073647

    Kibria G, Hashan MR, Hanif A, Maniar V and Shawon M. 2023. Mobile phone use for pregnancy-related healthcare utilization and its association with optimum antenatal care and hospital delivery in Bangladesh. PLOS Global Public Health 2023;3(4):e0001762. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgph.0001762. PMID: 37022996; PMCID: PMC10079009.

    Ali J, Nagarajan M, Mwaka ES, Rutebemberwa E, Vecino-Ortiz AI, Torres Quintero A, Rodriguez-Patarroyo M, Maniar V, Kibria G, Labrique A, Pariyo GW, Gibson DG. Remote consent approaches for mobile phone surveys of non-communicable disease risk factors in Colombia and Uganda: A randomized study. PLOS ONE 2022;17(12): e0279236.

    Castro-Barbudo D, Franco-Suarez OH, Aya Pastrana N, Agudelo-Londono SM, Guzman-Tordecilla DN, Maniar V and Vecino-Ortiz A. 2022. Communication interventions to promote vaccination uptake: A systematic review protocol. [Internet]. medRxiv; 2022 p. 2022.08.25.22279223. Available from:

Data for Health - Gender Equity Unit
Digital Applications to Monitor Novel Corona Virus Disease and Response in Colombia
Data for Health - Non-Communicable Diseases (D4H-NCD) Surveillance Project