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Research Associate

Kate Wright, MPH '17, strives to promote equity, justice, and wellness through research and program development focusing on gender, human rights, and maternal and child health.

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Research Interests

gender, gender diversity, sexual and gender minorities, human rights, maternal and child health, adolescent health, sexual health, trauma and injury


Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Eastern University

Kate Wright strives to promote health equity, justice, and wellness through research and program development. Her interests focus primarily (though not exclusively!) on gender, human rights, maternal and child health, adolescent health, and trauma and injury. She works both domestically and internationally and enjoys learning through projects across the globe.

Kate also practices as a birth doula in her hometown of Philadelphia, PA. 

Honors & Awards

Best Doula in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Family LOVE Awards, 2015-2017

Select Publications

Selected publications

  • Wright K, Zachary W, Puglisi LB, Butler K, Surkan PJ. (2022). Attending to cardiovascular disease risk factors after incarceration: a study of empowerment and structural barriers to care. Health and Social Care in the Community. DOI: 10.1111/hsc.14048

  • Razzak JA, Bhatti J, Wright K, Nyirenda M, Tahir MR, Hyder AA. (2022). Improvement in trauma care for road traffic injuries: An assessment of the effect on mortality in low-income and middle-income countries. The Lancet. DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(22)00887-X

  • Wright K, Kaufman, MR. (2022). The current context of female genital cutting in Marsabit County, Kenya and ethical considerations for programs to reduce the practice and promote gender equality. Journal of Public Health Student Capstones. DOI: v1i1.17

  • Kaufman MR, Wright K, Simon J, Edwards G, Thrul J, DuBois DL. (2021). Mentoring in the time of COVID-19: An analysis of online focus groups with mentors to youth. American Journal of Community Psychology.

  • Wright K, Peplinski B, Abboud S, Harfouch O. 2017. A stakeholder analysis of the current Lebanese context for transgender healthcare: The perspectives of non-governmental organizations. Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health.

Data for Health Gender Equity Unit
Systematic child sexual abuse within an alternative religious structure: the power of storytelling and art
Aga Khan University Trauma and Injury Research Training Program (AKU-TIRTP)
mHealth Intervention via Mentors: Preventing Substance Use, Sexual Risk and Violence among Inner City Youth through Technology-Enhanced Mentoring
A Necessary Shift: Determining the Capacity of and Guidelines for Virtual Youth Mentoring
E-Mentoring to Support Adolescent Mental Health: A Community-Academic Evaluation Collaboration