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Senior Research Associate

Kay O'Neill, MSPH ’11, translates research findings into program practice, strengthening outcomes of programs that support vulnerable families.

Contact Info

615 N. Wolfe Street, Room E4150

Research Interests

Children; Home visiting; Evaluation; Mothers; Families; Implementation Science; Provider communication; Child health
Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Bates College
Ms. O'Neill's broad area of interest is research focused on strengthening outcomes of programs that support vulnerable families. She is especially interested in provider-family communication, parent-child interaction, family engagement and translating research findings into program practice.

Ms. O’Neill currently serves as the coordinator of HARC, the Home Visiting Applied Research Collaborative. She has also coordinated several state evaluations and a randomized controlled trial of a brief parenting intervention in Georgia.
Select Publications
Most recent publications:
  • O’Neill, K., Cluxton-Keller, F., Burrell, L., Crowne, S.S, and Duggan, A. (2018). Impact of a Universal Child Abuse Primary Prevention Strategy for New Mothers. Prevention Science, Published online.
  • Burrell, L., Crowne, S., Ojo, K., O’Neill, K., Cluxton-Keller, F., and Duggan, A. (2018). Visitor Responsiveness to Mothers’ Reasons for Enrolling as a Factor for Program Engagement. Maternal and Child Health Journal. Maternal and Child Health Journal. Published online.
  • West, A., Gagliardi, L., Gatewood, A., Higman, S., Daniels, J., O’Neill, K. and Duggan, A. (2018). Randomized Trial of a Training Program to Improve Home Visitor Communication around Sensitive Topics. Maternal and Child Health Journal. Published online.
  • Paradis, H., Belknap, A., O’Neill, K., Baggett, S., and Minkovitz, C. (2018). Coordination of Early Childhood Home Visiting and Health Care Providers. Children and Youth Services Review. 85: 201-210.
  • Duggan, A., Minkovitz, C., Chaffin, M., Korfmacher, J., Brooks-Gunn, J., Crowne, S., Filene, J., Gonsalves, K., Landsverk, J., and Harwood, R. (2013). Creating a National Home Visiting Research Network. Pediatrics. 132(S2): S82-S89.
Home Visiting Applied Research Collaborative