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B. Frank and Kathleen Polk Assistant Professor
Associate Professor
Becky Genberg

Departmental Affiliations

Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Contact Info

615 N. Wolfe Street, Room E6610

Research Interests

HIV; HIV prevention; social epidemiology; injection drug use; substance use; implementation science; observational studies; adherence; global health
Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Rutgers University
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
My research is framed by understanding how the social determinants of health shape health behaviors and outcomes. By leveraging the methods of implementation science to examine the multilevel influences of health disparities in resource-limited settings and among vulnerable populations, I focus on understanding barriers to access and use of known effective interventions with a population-based perspective. My current research focuses broadly on HIV prevention and chronic disease management among vulnerable populations in the US and western Kenya. Through this lens, my work examines the longitudinal relationships between structural factors and individual behaviors related to engagement in HIV care and the social context of substance use. My research is nested within two important ongoing efforts: the ALIVE study, an observational cohort of people who inject drugs In Baltimore, and the Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH) Consortium based in Eldoret, Kenya.
Select Publications
Selected recent publications
  • Genberg BL, Shangani S, Sabatino K, Rachlis B, Wachira J, Braitstein P, Operario D. Improving engagement in the HIV care cascade: A systematic review of interventions involving people living with HIV/AIDS as peers. AIDS and Behavior 2016; 20(10):2452-63.
  • Genberg BL, Naanyu V, Wachira J, Hogan JW, Sang E, Nyambura M, Odawa M, Duefield C, Braitstein P. Linkage to and engagement in HIV care in western Kenya: An observational study using population-based estimates from home-based counseling and testing. Lancet HIV 2015; 2(1): e20-e26.
  • Genberg BL, Wilson IB, Bangsberg DR, Arnsten J, Erlen J, Goggin K, Golin C, Remien R, Simoni J, Wagner G, Liu H. Patterns of antiretroviral adherence and impact on viral suppression among patients with HIV in North America. AIDS 2012; 26: 1415-23.
  • Genberg BL, Gange SJ, Go VF, Celentano DD, Kirk GD, Mehta SH. Trajectories of injection drug use over 20 Years (1988-2008) in Baltimore, Maryland. American Journal of Epidemiology 2011; 173: 289-836.
  • Genberg BL, Gange SJ, Go VF, Celentano DD, Kirk GD, Latkin C, Mehta SH. The effect of neighborhood deprivation and residential relocation on long-term injection cessation among injection drug users (IDUs) in Baltimore, Maryland. Addiction 2011; 106: 1966-1974.
Statewide Ethnographic Assessment of Drug Use and Services (SEADS Project)