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Assistant Scientist
Meike Schleiff

Departmental Affiliations

Health Systems

Center & Institute Affiliations

Meike Schleiff, DrPH ‘17, MSPH ‘13, specializes in community health and primary health care with a focus on improving human resource capacity and addressing inequities.

Contact Info

615 N. Wolfe Street, Room E8638

Research Interests

community health worker; primary health care; health equity; implementation research; maternal and child health; teaching and learning; competency-based education
Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Berea College
I grew up on a sheep farm in rural West Virginia, USA. This upbringing in a tightly-knit community provided a set of values that have shaped my work around the world: helping others, building trust, and creating environments where people can learn and thrive.
For over a decade, I founded and ran a nonprofit organization in Haiti. In 2020, I chose to transition several projects to partners and close this nonprofit in order to carry forward capacity strengthening projects at a global scale; I continue to serve as a mentor and board member to colleagues and partners in Haiti.
I have also developed and taught courses in Haiti, India, Uganda, Ethiopia, and beyond on a range of public health and leadership topics as well as to global audiences via online platforms. I have been able to collaborate with a wide range of colleagues and divisions at Johns Hopkins as well as with leaders around the world to reach frontline workers, health systems leaders, and young professionals.
My research portfolio focuses on primary health care and community health systems including a number of projects related to community health workers (CHW). I have designed and led a number of literature reviews, qualitative and mixed-methods evaluations of CHW programs, and have been involved with ongoing monitoring and evaluation as well as implementation research initiatives on these topics.
Building capacity is at the center of my motivation for being a public health leader. This focus is one I have developed by observing, mentoring, and collaborating with an exceptionally diverse and skilled set of colleagues and students from around the world. I am particularly dedicated to advancing opportunities for women, given the immense role women play to improving health and the many barriers they must often overcome to do this. I continue to be humbled by their dedication, work, and insights into complex public health issues, and I have dedicated my career to finding ways to support and augment this work.
Honors & Awards
Toregeldy Sharmanov International Award. Toregeldy International Foundation, Spring 2021.
Johns Hopkins Center for Qualitative Studies in Health and Medicine Dissertation Enhancement Award, Johns Hopkins University, Winter 2016.
Governor of West Virginia’s Commendation for Volunteer Service. State of WEst Virginia, USA, Spring 2010.
David F. Kinder Memorial Award. Berea College, Spring 2008.
Burt-Steele Pathfinder’s Scholarship. Berea College, 2007-2008.
Joseph van Pelt Agricultural Award. Berea College, Spring 2007.
Select Publications
This is a selected set of recent publications.
  • Schleiff, M., Peters, D., Surkan, P. 2020. Comparative Case Analysis of the Role of Community Health Workers (CHW) in Rural and Low-Income Populations of West Virginia (WV) and the United States. Journal of Ambulatory Care Management.
  • Schleiff, M. Kuan, A., Ghaffar, A. 2020. Comparative Analysis of Country-level Enablers, Barriers, and Recommendations to Strengthen Institutional Capacity for Evidence Uptake in Decision Making. Health Research Policy and Systems.
  • Schleiff, M., Olateju, A., Decker, E., Neel, A., Oke, R., Peters, M., Roa, A., Alonge, O. 2020. Explicit Knowledge from the Smallpox and Polio Eradication Programs to Inform Implementation of Other Global Initiatives: Methods and Overview of Findings from a Multi-Pronged Scoping Review. BMJ Global Health.
  • Schleiff, M., Hansoti, B., Akridge, A., Dolive, C., Hausner, D., Kalbarczyk, K., Pariyo, G., Quinn, T., Rudy, S., Bennett, S. 2020. Implementation of Global Health Competencies: Target Audiences, Levels, and Evaluation Strategies. PLOS One.
  • Schleiff, M., Kumapley, R., Freeman, P., Gupta, S., Rassekh, B., Perry, H. 2017. A Comprehensive Review of the Evidence Regarding the Effectiveness of Community-based Primary Health Care in Improving Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health: 5. Equity Effects. 7:1, 1-14. Journal of Global Health.
PARN- Madagascar
International Institute for Primary Health Care, Ethiopia
Last Mile Health Community Health Academy
Sustaining Technical and Analytical Resources (STAR)
STRIPE Polio Lessons Learned
Achieving Health for All: Primary Health Care in Action
Maternal and Child Health Center, India