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Research Associate
Jennifer DeSanto

Departmental Affiliations


Jennifer DeSanto, MS, RN, works with cancer survivors to assess patient-reported needs following cancer treatment and the effectiveness of different follow-up care plans.

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Experiences & Accomplishments
The Pennsylvania State University
Misericordia University
Jennifer DeSanto is a Research Associate in the Health Policy and Management Department. She is a project director with the Major Extremity Trauma Research Consortium (METRC). She is currently directing a study to evaluate the effectiveness of a the IDEO™, a orthosis for the lower leg in the military population.

Jennifer is also involved in the Consortium's Monitoring Core and conducts site visits at Level I civilian trauma centers and Military Treatment Facilities throughout the United States.

Before working at JHSPH, Jennifer was a regional nurse coordinator in the Patient Centered Medical Home program with CareFirst. She was employed for over 10 years at the University of Maryland Medical Center as a clinical research coordinator and research compliance specialist.
Select Publications
Oncology publications
  • Potter BK, Sheu RG, Stinner DJ, Fergason J, Hsu JR, Kuhn K, Owens JG, Rivera J, Shawen SB, Wilken JM, DeSanto J, Huang Y, Scharfstein DO, MacKenzie EJ Multisite Evaluation of a Custom Energy-Storing Carbon Fiber Orthosis for Patients with Residual Disability After Lower-Limb Trauma. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2018 Oct 17;100(20):1781-1789.
  • Hsu JR, Owens JG, DeSanto J, Fergason JR, Kuhn KM, Potter BK, Stinner DJ, Sheu RG, Waggoner SL, Wilken JM, Huang Y, Scharfstein DO, MacKenzie EJ METRC. Patient Response to an Integrated Orthotic and Rehabilitation Initiative for Traumatic Injuries: The PRIORITI-MTF Study.J Orthop Trauma. 2017 Apr;31 Suppl 1:S56-S62.
  • Obremskey WT, Schmidt AH, O?Toole RV, DeSanto J, Morshed S, Tornetta P 3rd, Murray CK, Jones CB, Scharfstein DO, Taylor TJ, Carlini AR, Castillo RC METRC. A Prospective Randomized Trial to Assess Oral Versus Intravenous Antibiotics for the Treatment of Postoperative Wound Infection After Extremity Fractures (POvIV Study). J Orthop Trauma. 2017 Apr;31 Suppl 1:S32-S38.
  • Voskens, CJ, Sewell D, Hertzano R, DeSanto J, Lee M, Taylor R, Wolf J, Suntharalingam M, Gastman B, Papadimitriou JC, Lu C, Tan M, Morales R, Cullen K, Celis E, Mann D, Strome SE InducTION of mage-A3 and HPV-16 immunity by trojan vaccines in patients with head and neck carcinoma. Head and Neck. 2012 Jan 27. doi: 10.1002/hed.22004. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Edelman MJ, Gandara DR, Hausner P, Israel V, Thornton D, DeSanto J, Doyle LA. Phase 2 study of cryptophycin 52 (LY355703) in patients previously treated with platinum based chemotherapy for advanced non-small cell lung cancer. Lung Cancer. 2003 Feb; 39(2):197-9.