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Associate Professor
Stacey Lee

Departmental Affiliations

Carey Business School

Contact Info

Research Interests

Health care law; negotiation; conflict resolution; pharmaceutical manufacturers
Experiences & Accomplishments
University of Maryland School of Law
Associate Professor Stacey Lee joined the faculty in 2012. She also holds q primary appointment at the Carey Business School. Stacey’s research interests have focused on pharmaceutical manufacturers’ international and domestic influence on the access to medicines and transformative negotiations in healthcare. In her research and professional interests, she also examines negotiation and mediation approaches to resolving conflict in corporate and healthcare settings. She was the Berman Institute Faculty Fellow in the Greenwall Fellowship in Bioethics and Health Policy and recipient.

Stacey teaches graduate courses in negotiations, business law, and healthcare law. Year after year, Stacey has received the Excellence in Teaching Award at both Bloomberg and Carey for her courses.

Before entering academia, Stacey practiced law for over ten years. She began as a securities litigator and later became in-house counsel for two of the country’s largest healthcare corporations. Stacey also served as the senior regulatory specialist for America’s Health Insurance Plans, the United States’ largest national healthcare trade association.

She is a Fulbright Specialist for her expertise in negotiations and health care law and was a featured TEDx speaker on “Patient Voices.”
Honors & Awards
Excellence in Teaching Award 2012, 2014, 2017, 2018
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
Student nominated award based on course evaluations and pedagogy in Healthcare Law and Regulations, Business Law, and Negotiations in Healthcare Settings courses.

Dean’s Award for Faculty Excellence 2016, 2017
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
Awarded to faculty who provided exemplary service to the school.

Faculty of Year 2012, 2014
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Carey Business School
The MBA/MPH cohort nominated student award based on course evaluations and pedagogy in Business Law and Negotiations courses.

Fulbright Specialist Program 2017 - 2020
Selected to join the Fulbright Specialist Roster for expertise in the areas of healthcare law, dispute resolution, and negotiations.
Select Publications
Selected publications from the last five years. Full versions of these articles are available on my personal website:
  • Stacey B. Lee, Alexandra Murata, The Expanded Access Cure: A 21st Century Framework for Companies, Journal of Business Ethics 2017.
  • Stacey B. Lee, Untested Drugs to Treat Ebola: A Case of Uncompassionate Compassionate Use? OH. N. UNIV. L. REV., Vol. 42, No. 2, 361- 394 (Spring 2016).
  • Stacey B. Lee, Drug Shortage Crisis: What Happens When Generic Manufacturers “Just Say No,” OR. L. REV. Vol. 93 No. 2, 355 – 402 (2014).
  • Stacey B. Lee, Can Incentives to Generic Manufacturers Save Doha’s Paragraph 6?, 44 Geo. J. Int’l L. 1387- 1421(2013).
  • Stacey B. Lee, Pliva v. Mensing: Generic Manufacturers’ Unfortunate Hand, 12 Yale J. Health Pol’y L. & Ethics 209-263 (Summer 2012).