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Greg Conderacci

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For more than four decades, Greg Conderacci, MPP, has been using the magic of communication to help people lead happier, more productive and more rewarding lives.

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Research Interests

Marketing; Marketing for Health Care Organizations; Good Ground Consulting LLC; Getting UP! Supercharging Your Personal Energy; Getting UP!; trust; Our Daily Bread; The Wall Street Journal;;; building trust in healthcare; marketing hospitals; marketing physicians practices; marketing drugs; marketing health care products; marketing health care services; marketing public health; sales; selling; public relations; advertising
Experiences & Accomplishments
Harvard University
For more than four decades, Greg Conderacci has been using the magic of communication to help people lead happier, more productive and more rewarding lives.

He teaches marketing at The Bloomberg School of Public Health and The Carey Business School of Johns Hopkins University. His private consulting firm, Good Ground Consulting LLC, helps organizations and teams discover and defend their Good Ground – the fertile market niche where their productivity peaks. Frequently, he helps organizations answer their customers’ key question, “Why should I trust you?”

His clients have included a wide variety of health-related organizations: hospitals, hospital associations, insurance companies, medical device companies, physicians, a mental health provider network, a senior care provider, a health policy think tank, health care venture capitalists, a health care information technology company, a health club and Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer.
Honors & Awards
Several years of "outstanding" student evaluations

A magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University, he was Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Princetonian; he also holds a Masters in Public Policy from The Kennedy School at Harvard University

For his age, he was a fairly decent ultra-distance bicycle racer and won national age-group championships at 12 and 24 hour races. He has twice ridden a bicycle across America; once in just 18 days.
Select Publications
Do you want more energy? Getting UP! Supercharging Your Energy will help you generate extra energy to: • Accomplish more in less time. • Reduce stress. • Balance your career and lifestyle.
  • Getting UP! Supercharging Your Personal Energy This book is about getting UP! -- the energy to be ready, willing and able to live the successful life you want. Like the thousands who have taken Greg Conderacci’s energy seminars, you’ll learn why: • Managing your energy, not your time, is the way to go; • Getting more energy isn’t about what you drink…it’s about what you think; • Driving a stake through the energy vampires sucking your life away might help; • Supercharging your energy is easier and more fun than you think.