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Katherine Footer

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HIV; sex workers; people who inject drugs; sexual health; human rights; structural risk and interventions; LGBT health; epidemiology; social and behavioral sciences
Experiences & Accomplishments
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
University of Warwick
Katherine is a Assistant Scientist in the Department of Health Behavior and Society, and Barrister at law in England and Wales. Her focus is on the intersection of public health, human rights, and social justice with a specific focus on improving the health sex workers, people who inject drugs and other neglected key populations. Her research on sex workers is focused on harm reduction, HIV prevention, and understanding the structural drivers for HIV risk. She most recently oversaw one of the only cohort studies of sex workers in the United States setting, alongside Dr. Susan Sherman. Katherine is currently recipient of a CFAR faculty development award and is conducting an ethnography to explore PrEP awareness and attitudes among trans women who sell sex in Baltimore City. Her international work also includes advancing protection of health facilities, patients, and health workers in situations of conflict.
Select Publications
Selected publications
  • Footer, Katherine HA, et al. "Structural risk and limits on agency among exotic dancers: HIV risk practices in the exotic dance club." Culture, Health & Sexuality (2017)
  • Footer, Katherine HA, et al. "Policing practices as a structural determinant for HIV among sex workers: a systematic review of empirical findings." Journal of the International AIDS Society (2016)
  • Footer, Katherine H.A et al. "On the frontline of eastern Burma's chronic conflict–Listening to the voices of local health workers." Social Science & Medicine (2014)
  • Sherman, Susan G., Footer, Katherine H.A et al. "“What makes you think you have special privileges because you are a police officer?” A qualitative exploration of police's role in the risk environment of female sex workers." AIDS Care (2015)
  • Footer, Katherine H.A et al. "A human rights approach to health care in conflict." International Review of the Red Cross (2013)
Sex Workers and Police Promoting Health in Risky Environments (SAPPHIRE) study