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Director, Division of Infectious Diseases at JHSOM
Amita Gupta

Departmental Affiliations

School of Medicine
Global Disease Epidemiology and Control

Contact Info

600 N. Wolfe Street, Phipps 540-B

Research Interests

Infectious diseases in India; HIV and malnutrition; TB cohorts in India; acute febrile illness; TB in pregnancy; TB preventive therapy trials in adults, children, pregnant women; MDR TB Clinical trials of diagnostics; preventive therapies; and treatments; observational cohort studies; Tuberculosis and HIV; India; Low and middle-income countries; Interactions of infectious and chronic diseases; TB biomarker research; Antimicrobial resistance; Maternal and child health; Pregnancy; pediatrics; adults; household contacts.
Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Harvard Medical School
Dr. Gupta is Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She is also Deputy Director of the Center for Clinical Global Health Education (CCGHE), Faculty Co-chair of the Johns Hopkins India Institute, and Professor of Infectious Diseases at the School of Medicine, with a joint appointment in International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in infectious diseases, Dr. Gupta specializes in international public health, clinical research, and education in infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), and antimicrobial resistant infections. Since 2003, her work has been focused primarily on India, where she leads several Indo-JHU research collaborations. She serves in leadership positions as Co-Chair of the Faculty Steering Committee of the Johns Hopkins India Institute, Center Director for the Johns Hopkins Precision Medicine Center for Excellence for COVID-19, the U.S. chair for the Indo-U.S. Vaccine Action Program sponsored RePORT India TB research consortium, which is funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the government of India, Department of Biotechnology. She also serves on the global RePORT International Executive Committee, a multilateral global consortia for TB research. She is Co-principal Investigator of the NIH-funded Baltimore-Washington-India HIV and Infectious Diseases Clinical Trials Unit (BWI-CTU), and she is an active clinical investigator in multi-country trials conducted by the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) and the International Maternal Pediatric Adolescent AIDS Trials Network (IMPAACT), and has served as protocol chair for high impact studies that have resulted in publications in The New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet. She is Co-chair of the NIH and AmFAR funded IeDea HIV/TB Working Group and Scientific Committee co-Chair for IMPAACT TB.

She has been awarded research grants from the NIH, CDC, UNITAID, and several philanthropic foundations to investigate infectious diseases of importance to India and beyond. In 2019, Dr. Gupta was appointed by the U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary for a 4-year term to the NIAID Council, the chief advisory committee for National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the U.S. National Institutes of Health. In 2020, she was invited to the Governing Board of the Indo-U.S. Science & Technology Forum.

Dr. Gupta is an author of more than 200 peer-reviewed research publications and 7 book chapters on prevention and treatment of HIV, TB, and other infectious diseases, primarily in low- and middle-income settings. She has also mentored more than 35 junior scientists in India and the U.S. to run research studies and submit their own scientific findings to peer-reviewed publications.
Honors & Awards
1991: MIT Women Studies Writing Prize “Women and AIDS in the United States: Unheard Voices”
1991: MIT Student Humanitarian Award
1991: Sigma Xi Research Honor Society
1993: Harvard Medical School Urban Health Fellowship
1996: Paul Dudley White & Andrew Sellard Traveling Fellowship
2000: IDSA Special Citation for Fellows-in-Training
2001: Reza Gandeji Award (UCSF resident award for medical ethics and compassionate patient care)
2002: Mackel Finalist, Epidemic Intelligence Service Conference, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
2002: U.S. Public Health Service Award for Bioterrorism Surveillance Post 9/11
2002: U.S. Public Health Service Award for Foreign Duty Service (cholera in Micronesia)
2017: Invited Member, Women in Global Health Advisory Board, Cornell University
2007: Clinician Scientist Award, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
2018: Honored as one of “Hopkins Heroes,” Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
2019: Invited by US HHS Secretary to be a member of the NIAID National Advisory Allergy and Infectious Diseases Council
2020: Invited by US State Department and Indian government to serve on the Governing Board of the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF)
Select Publications
Selected Publications
  • Gupta A, Montepiedra G, Aaron L, Theron G, McCarthy K, Bradford S, Chipato T, Vhembo T, Stranix-Chibanda L, Onyango-Makumbi C, Masheto GR, Violari A, Mmbaga BT, Aurpibul L, Bhosale R, Mave V, Rouzier V, Hesseling A, Shin K, Zimmer B, Costello D, Sterling TR, Chakhtoura N, Jean-Philippe P, Weinberg A. Isoniazid preventive therapy in HIV-infected pregnant and postpartum women. N Engl J Med. 2019 Oct 3;381(14):1333-1346. PMID: 31577875.
  • Gupta A, Hughes MD, Garcia-Prats AJ, McIntire K, Hesseling AC (2019) Inclusion of key populations in clinical trials of new antituberculosis treatments: Current barriers and recommendations for pregnant and lactating women, children, and HIV-infected persons. PLoS Med 16(8): e1002882. PMID: 31415563; PMCID: PMC6695091.
  • Gupta A, Swindells S, Kim S, Hughes MD, Naini L, Wu X, Dawson R, Mave V, Sanchez J, Mendoza A, Gonzales P, Kumarasamy N, Comins K, Conradie F, Shenje J, Fontain SN, Garcia-Prats A, Asmelash A, Nedsuwan S, Mohapi L, Lalloo UG, Ferreira ACG, Mugah C, Harrington M, Jones L, Cox S, Smith B, Shah NS, Hesseling AC, Churchyard G, ACTG 5300/IMPAACT I2003 PHOENIx Feasibility study team. Feasibility of identifying household contacts of rifampin- and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis cases at high risk of progression to tuberculosis disease. Clin Infect Dis. 2019 Mar 28. pii: ciz235. doi: 10.1093/cid/ciz235. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 30942853
  • Swindells S, Ramchandani R, Gupta A, Benson CA, Leon-Cruz J, Mwelase N, Jean Juste MA, Lama JR, Valencia JV, Omoz-Oarhe A, Supparatpinyo K, Masheto G, Mohapi L, da Silva Escada RO, Mawlana S, Banda P, Severe P, Hakim J, Kanyama C, Langat D, Moran L, Andersen J, Fletcher CV, Nuermberger E, Chaisson RE for the BRIEF TB/A5279 Study Team. One month of rifapentine plus isoniazid to prevent HIV-related tuberculosis. N Engl J Med. 2019;380:1001-1011. DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1806808.
  • Tornheim JA, Madugundu AK, Paradkar M, Fukutani KF, Queiroz ATL, Gupte N, Gupte AN, Kinikar A, Kulkarni V, Balasubramanian U, Sreenivasamurthy S, Raja R, Pradhan N, Shivakumar SVBY, Valvi C, Hanna LE, Andrade BB, Mave V, Pandey A, Gupta A; CTRIUMPh RePORT India Study Team. Transcriptomic Profiles of Confirmed Pediatric Tuberculosis Patients and Household Contacts Identifies Active Tuberculosis, Infection, and Treatment Response Among Indian Children. J Infect Dis. 2020 Apr 27;221(10):1647-1658. doi: 10.1093/infdis/jiz639. PMID: 31796955
Assessment of HIV-1 drug resistance outcomes in subtype C infected infants
Impact of Malnutrition on HIV Treatment Failure in Resource-Limited Settings
IMPAACT 1078: Phase IV Randomized Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Safety of Immediate (Antepartum-Initiated) Versus Deferred (Postpartum-Initiated) Isoniazid Preventive Therapy Among HIV-Infected Women in High TB Incidence Settings
Impact of Immune Changes of Pregnancy on Tuberculosis
C-TRIUMPh: Cohort for TB Research by the Indo-US Medical Partnership
ACTG 5273: Multicenter Study of Options for Second-Line Effective Combination Therapy (SELECT)
ACTG 5282: A Randomized, Phase II Trial to Compare an HPV Test-and-Treat Strategy to a Cytology-Based Strategy for Prevention of CIN 2+ in HIV-Infected Women
ACTG 5288: Management Using the Latest Technologies in Resource-limited Settings to Optimize Combination Therapy After Viral Failure
ACTG 5300: Study of MDR TB Cases and Their Household Contacts: Operational Feasibility to Inform PHOENIx Trial Design
IMPAACT 1077FF: Promoting Maternal and Infant Survival Everywhere (PROMISE): Formula Feeding Version
IMPAACT 1077BF: Promoting Maternal and Infant Survival Everywhere (PROMISE): Breastfeeding Version
Acute Febrile Illness and Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns in Pune, India
Antibiotic Prescribing Practices, Knowledge and Views of Healthcare Providers in Pune, India
Characterization of the Human Virome in Pune, India
ART Study 1: Database: Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and Associated Comorbidities in a Public Antiretroviral Treatment (ART) Clinic at BJGMC in Pune
Assessing the Association of Indoor Air Pollution with Tuberculosis in Adult Women and Children under 5 Years of Age
Barriers for Intervention to Prevent Occupationally Acquired TB in HCWs
Characterization of the Genotype/Phenotype Correlation for Drug Resistant TB in India and Its Clinical Application
Diagnosis of Tuberculosis Infection and Th1 Immune Response in Pregnant Women in India
Hair Concentrations of Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs Among HIV-Infected and Uninfected Children in India
Hinduja-Hopkins TB Research Observational Clinical Database
Optimizing Treatment to Improve TB Meningitis Outcomes in Children
Predictive Value of Tuberculosis-symptom Screen in HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected Pregnant Women in Pune, India
Studying the Molecular Mechanisms Leading to Suppressed Immunity in Pregnancy and Studying the Relationship between Diet, Gut, Microbiome, and Inflammation during Pregnancy
Risk of Tuberculosis among Health Care Workers and Trainees in a Tertiary-care Hospital in Pune, India
COMBIND Prevention of Maternal to Child Transmission Study: Community Home Based India Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV
Impact of Diabetes on TB Treatment Outcomes: Tuberculosis-Diabetes Cohort
MiDOT (Directly Observed Therapy) Mobile Health Pilot Study
RePORT; India Common Protocol: Cohort for Tuberculosis Research by the Indo-US Medical Partnership
Residual Respiratory Impairment Following Pulmonary Tuberculosis
A5300B/I2003B: Protecting Households On Exposure to Newly Diagnosed Index Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Patients (PHOENIx)
Molecular Signatures of Tuberculosis-Diabetes (TBDM) Interaction: Metabolomics Study
Regional Prospective Observational Research for Tuberculosis (RePORT) India
Regional Prospective Observational Research in Tuberculosis (RePORT): c-TRIUMPh: Cohort for Tuberculosis Research by the Indo-US Medical Partnership
COVID analyses: JH CROWN Registry
ACTG 5225: Phase I/II Dose-Finding Study of High-Dose Fluconazole Treatment in AIDS-Associated Cryptococcal Meningitis