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- Emeritus
Anne Duggan

Departmental Affiliations

School of Medicine

Anne Duggan, ScD ’85, seeks to strengthen home visiting services for young families to achieve health equity of children and parents, partnering with public and private agencies.

Contact Info

615 N. Wolfe Street, E4146

Research Interests

Child Welfare; Early Childhood Services;Family Support;Home Visiting;Implementation Science;Communication
Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins University
Anne Duggan, ScD is a professor of Population, Family, and Reproductive Health, Health Policy and Management, and Mental Health at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. She is the director of the national research and development platform, the Home Visiting Applied Research Collaborative, as well as co-principal investigator of The Mother and Infant Home Visiting Program Evaluation (MIHOPE). She also co-directs evaluations for two states – Maryland and New Jersey. Her research is to strengthen the system of early childhood health, education, and family support services, and her approach incorporates the principles and methods of implementation science and theories of behavior to explain unintended variation in the scale up of evidence-based models in terms of service effectiveness, coordination, and fidelity. She leads the national initiative, Innovation toward Precision Home Visiting, to broaden and strengthen home visiting effectiveness, by accelerating our understanding of what ingredients of home visiting work best, for which families, under what conditions.
Honors & Awards
1980-1981 Kellogg Foundation Fellowship; 2002- John M. Eisenberg Award for Excellence in Mentorship, NRSA Trainees Research Conference; 2005- Center for Child Welfare Policy of the North American Resource Center for Child Welfare.  Herbert A. Raskin Child Welfare Article Award. Pro Humanitate Medal for Intellectual Integrity and Moral Courage
Select Publications
Selected publications from the last 3 years
  • Duggan A, Portilla XA, Filene JH, Crowne SS, Hill CJ, Lee H, and Knox V. (2018). Implementation of Evidence-Based Early Childhood Home Visiting: Results from the Mother and Infant Home Visiting Program Evaluation. OPRE Report 2018-76A. Washington, DC: Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Burrell L, Crowne S, Ojo K, Snead R, O’Neill K, Cluxton-Keller F, Duggan A. (2018) Mother and home visitor emotional well-being and alignment on goals for home visiting as factors for program engagement. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 22(1):43-51. DOI:
  • West A, Gagliardi L, Gatewood A, Higman S, Daniels J, O’Neill K and Duggan A. (2018) Randomized Trial of a Training Program to Improve Home Visitor Communication around Sensitive Topics. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 22(1):70-78. DOI:
  • Herman K, Grossman C, Eddy C, Reinke WM, Burrell L, McFarlane E, and Duggan A. (In press) Does Child Likeability Mediate the Link Between Academic Competence and Depressive Symptoms? Child Development.
Home Visiting Applied Research Collaborative