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Faculty Highlight: Dylan Jackson, PHD, MS

Dylan B. Jackson, Assistant Professor

PFRH is delighted to welcome Dylan Jackson, PhD, MS, as a new Assistant Professor, as of June 2020. Jackson is an interdisciplinary scholar whose research primarily focuses on 1) promoting child health as a means of developmental crime prevention and 2) fostering the health and well-being of children and youth in the face of violence, adversity, and criminal justice involvement. His approach to the study of child and adolescent health is situated in a life-course framework and moves beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries. As a life-course and health criminologist, his work is integrative, bridging empirical and theoretical developments from multiple social and health science fields, including public health, criminology, sociology, social work, and psychology. His research investigates the implications of diminished health, often within the broader context of social inequities, for violent and problem behaviors, with a primary focus on health and development during the early life course. Jackson has also examined criminal justice involvement, family violence, and neighborhood exposure to violence as potent determinants of child and adolescent health. His work has been published in a diverse set of peer-reviewed journals, including Health Affairs, Journal of Adolescent Health, The Journal of Pediatrics, Academic Pediatrics, Social Science & Medicine, Psychology of Violence, Prevention Science, Preventive Medicine, Youth & Society, and American Journal of Community Psychology.

Jackson earned both an MS in Criminology and Criminal Justice (2011), and a PhD in Criminology and Criminal Justice (2015), from Florida State University. He served as Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at San Antonio prior to joining PFRH. He co-directs the Health Criminology Research Consortium, an interdisciplinary network of researchers investigating the connection between health, crime, and criminal justice involvement with the goal of improving the effectiveness of prevention efforts, clinical intervention, and policy initiatives. Despite the numerous challenges of joining a new department amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Dylan has been a highly collaborative, generous, and insightful scholar and educator. We are thrilled he has joined PFRH!

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