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CityLab Practicum Course Series - Information Session

Tuesday, August 6, 2024, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. ET
Wolfe Street Building/W2008
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CityLab Practicum Course Series - Information Session 
Building for What’s Next: Waterfront Communities

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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
2024-08-06 15:30 2024-08-06 16:30 UTC use-title Location Wolfe Street Building/W2008

CityLab Practicum Course Series - Information Session 
Building for What’s Next: Waterfront Communities

Tuesday, August 6th
11:30am-12:30pm EST
Hybrid: Room W2008 (or join via Zoom here:

Interested in exploring how to build a more livable future? Join us to learn more about CityLab!

CityLab (BU.152.740 & BU.152.745) is a two-term, interdivisional course series offered through the Carey Business School. The CityLab Catalyst (BU.152.740) equips students – from any location, discipline, or profession – with knowledge, tools, networks, and immersive fieldwork experience to tackle the disruptive uncertainty and frustration of global livability challenges that threaten the planet, human health, social cohesion, civic order, and economic prosperity. Student then apply knowledge and skills from the CityLab Catalyst into practice through the CityLab Practicum (BU.152.745), working on a place-based project sponsored by a local entrepreneur, business, or community organization focused on innovative, impactful solutions to livability challenges. Together, this course series provides an opportunity for students to solidify skills, demonstrate expertise, deepen professional networks, and position themselves as collaborative, impactful leaders.

MPH Practicum Hours: The CityLab course series can be used to fully fulfill the MPH practicum requirement. Students must take BOTH courses consecutively to earn practicum hours.

AY 2024-2025 Focus: This year, as part of Carey’s Regenerative Placemaking Challenge, the Baltimore City Waterfront will be a living laboratory for students to explore the intricate stakeholder dynamics of habitat, health, resilience, governance, and economics that shape waterfront cities and communities. Working with business, public sector, and community leaders, students will work on placemaking projects designed to resolve livability challenges in those communities. All remote learning students will conduct immersive fieldwork and apply project experience learning to livability challenges in their own communities.

Terms Offered: This course series may be completed fully online/virtually. Students who are Baltimore-based will have additional opportunities for in-person partner engagement.

Fall 2024* 
Term 1 (BU.152.740, 2 credits, 8/29-10/17) 
Term 2 (BU.152.745, 2 credits, 10/24-12/19)

Spring 2025* 
Term 3 (BU.152.740, 2 credits, 1/21-3/17) 
Term 4 (BU.152.745, 2 credits, 3/24-5/18)

*If planning to use this to fulfill the MPH practicum requirement, students must take both terms consecutively (1+2 or 3+4) for a total of 4 credits.