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Academic and Career Essentials

East Baltimore
2nd Term
Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Academic Year
2023 - 2024
Instruction Method
Class Time(s)
Wednesday, 12:00 - 12:50pm
Auditors Allowed
Available to Undergraduate
Grading Restriction
Course Instructor(s)
Contact Name
Frequency Schedule
Every Year
Introduces participants to methods for building skills and mindsets needed to complete their thesis and future scientific writing projects. Supports participants in developing a research question, writing a project outline, writing thesis drafts, communicating with reviewers, and formatting the thesis with references. Emphasizes learning how to give and receive helpful feedback. Acquaints participants with the benefits of building peer support networks. Builds career development skills including conducting job searches, CV/resume writing, effective communication, writing a personal statement, and interviewing.
Learning Objectives
Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  1. Utilize project planning skills to develop, outline, and organize a library research project.
  2. Employ strategies to give and receive useful, constructive feedback on written and oral work.
  3. Identify jobs in their field of interest and prepare competitive job application materials.
  4. Use scientific thinking and writing skills to compose a thesis on a topic of interest.
  5. Prepare and deliver an oral presentation on a microbiology/immunology-related topic to a professional audience.
Methods of Assessment
This course is evaluated as follows:
  • 30% Participation
  • 40% Assignments
  • 30% Peer-feedback
Enrollment Restriction
This course should only be open to MMI MHS students
Special Comments

This course will be offered to MMI MHS student all 4 terms, with different content with each term corresponding to the program timeline. For instance, Term 1 will be more focused on career development and getting accustomed to graduate school compared to other terms, which will be focused more heavily on development of thesis skills (outlines, writing plan, thesis drafts, etc...). However, the assessments will remain consistent throughout all terms, as specified in the assessments section.