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Healthcare Consulting Practicum

East Baltimore
3rd Term
Health Policy and Management
Academic Year
2023 - 2024
Instruction Method
Class Time(s)
Monday, 1:30 - 3:20pm
Auditors Allowed
Available to Undergraduate
Grading Restriction
Letter Grade or Pass/Fail
Course Instructor(s)
Contact Name
Frequency Schedule
Every Year
Next Offered
2024 - 2025
Provides students with a broad understanding of the concepts of performance improvement and project management and challenges students to apply these concepts to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical operations an ambulatory care setting. Introduces concepts in each class that are experientially designed to enhance hands-on learning and application.
Learning Objectives
Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  1. Evaluate an organization from a systems perspective [i.e., as a complex set of cause-and-effect relationships] using Lean and Six Sigma tools and frameworks and project management tools and techniques
  2. Apply quantitative and qualitative tools and models to analyze, evaluate and improve an organization's service orientation, patient safety, and quality processes and outcomes
  3. Demonstrate professional written and oral interprofessional communication skills through engagement with administrative and clinical staff in an outpatient clinic setting
Methods of Assessment
This course is evaluated as follows:
  • 10% Peer-feedback
  • 35% Group Presentation
  • 10% Self-assessments
  • 20% Data Analysis and Presentation
  • 25% Process Flow Diagram of Assigned Clinic
Enrollment Restriction
MHA students only