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Project Management and Evaluation

1st Term
Health Policy and Management
Academic Year
2023 - 2024
Instruction Method
Auditors Allowed
Yes, with instructor consent
Available to Undergraduate
Grading Restriction
Letter Grade or Pass/Fail
Course Instructor(s)
Contact Name
Frequency Schedule
Every Year
Next Offered
2024 - 2025
Covers basic concepts and principles of project management and project management cycles. Provides learning opportunities for developing project management skills, and translates modern management concepts into project planning and management using a Log Frame Approach (LFA). Describes implementation structure, coordination and supervision mechanisms, and project evaluation methods. Reviews human aspects of project management such as motivating people, team building, and improving personal influence and effectiveness.
Learning Objectives
Upon successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  1. Describe principles of project management
  2. Explain project management cycle and major steps
  3. Conduct situational analysis – SWOT
  4. Conduct Problem analysis and define the objectives
  5. Use logframe and indicators for monitoring the project
  6. Develop systematic and time-bound action plans for project implementation
  7. Explain human aspects of project management like motivating people, team building, gender issues, improving personal influence and effectiveness
Methods of Assessment
This course is evaluated as follows:
  • 50% Assignments
  • 25% Midterm
  • 25% Final Exam