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Gia Naranjo-Rivera

Paul A. and Esther C. Harper Award 2021

The Harper Award is given to a graduating doctoral student in PFRH whose research focuses on population issues and maternal and child health and whose academic performance has been judged outstanding.

Congratulations to Gia Naranjo-Rivera, this year’s recipient of the Paul A. and Esther C. Harper Award, given to a graduating PFRH PhD student for an outstanding dissertation that uses rigorous science to advance our understanding of critical public health issues. For her dissertation, Gia conducted a mixed methods study to assess whether a mindfulness-based intervention (known as Peace in Schools) can improve emotional and mental health outcomes among adolescents, especially among ethnic minorities and trauma-affected youth. Her findings revealed that adolescents with high levels of adverse child experiences and mental health challenges showed improvements in self-regulation, self-compassion, coping, depression and anxiety after participating in the Peace in Schools Program. These results suggest that quality school-based mindfulness programs, such as Peace in School, hold promise as an accessible and affordable way to promote, prevent, and address adolescent mental health problems, especially among high-risk groups.

Master’s Essay with Distinction Award

  • Stacy Lu, MSPH '21
  • Gabriela Marmolejos, MSPH '21
  • Ellie Qian, MSPH '21
  • Tamia Ross, MSPH '21

Welcome Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Noelene Jeffers, PhD, CNM, Postdoctoral Fellow
    Focuses on mixed methods research to explore the experiences of Black women and birthing people and examine Black maternal-infant health outcomes


Welcoming New Staff

  • Trevor ArnettMA, Communication Associate – Global Early Adolescent Study
  • Gabriela Calderon, MSEd, Program Officer – Center for Adolescent Health
  • Audrey Collins, Research Assistant – Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative
  • Liyana Ido, MSPH ’19 – Research Assistant – Center for Adolescent Health
  • Patricia (Paté) Mahoney, MA – Research Data Analyst
  • Claire Silberg, MSPH ’20, Program Officer – PFRH Gates Institute
  • Angelica Watts, Program Administrator – Global Early Adolescent Study

Staff Award

  • Morgan Prioleau, Program Administrator, Johns Hopkins Center for Adolescent Health (CAH) receives the 2020-2021 Excellence in Public Health Practice Award. The CAH is a Key partner with HeartSmiles, mentoring and coordinating programming for impoverished youth in Baltimore city as well as supporting the organization's infrastructure and operations.

New Faculty

Joint Appointments

  • Matthew Hamill, MBChB, PhD, MPH, ScM, Assistant Professor, SOM
  • Rheanna E. PlattMD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, SOM
  • Rebecca R. Seltzer, MD, MHS’18, Assistant Professor, Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
    Associate at Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics

Faculty Promotions

  • Lori Burrell, MA, LSW, appointed Research Associate
  • Xiumei Hong, MD, PhD, MS, promoted to Associate Scientist
  • Jacky Jennings, PhD, MPH, promoted Professor of Pediatrics, SOM
  • Maria TrentMD, MPH, promoted Bloomberg Professor of American Health
  • Guoying Wang, MD, PhD, promoted to Associate Scientist

Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards

2nd Term 2020-2021

  • Suzanne Bell: 380.600.01 - Principles of Population Change
  • M. E. Hughes: 380.603.01 - Demographic Methods for Public Health
  • M. E. Hughes, Cynthia Minkovitz: 380.604.81 - Life Course Perspectives on Health
  • Cynthia Minkovitz: 380.624.01 - Maternal and Child Health Legislation and Programs
  • Kristin Voegtline: 380.642.81 - Child Health and Development
  • Donna Strobino, Alison Gemmill: 380.662.01 Critiquing the Research Literature in Maternal, Neonatal, and Reproductive Health
  • Arik Marcell: 380.720.01 - Masculinity, Sexual Behavior & Health: Adolescence & Beyond
  • Beth Marshall: 380.721.01 - Schools and Health
  • David Paige, Susan Gross: 380.740.81 - Nutrition Programs, Policy and Politics in the United States: The Impact on Maternal, Child and Family Health

3rd Term 2020-2021

  • M.E. Hughes: 380.603.81 - Demographic Methods for Public Health
  • Kristin Mmari: 380.611.01 – Fundamentals of Program Evaluation
  • Christina Bethell: 380.625.01 – Evidence and Opportunities to Mitigate Childhood Adversity and Promote Well-Being
  • Terri Powell, Beth Marshall: 380.640.01 – Children in Crisis: An Asset-Based Approach to Working with Vulnerable Youth
  • Pamela Donohue, Donna Strobino: 380.661.01 – Clinical Aspects of Maternal and Newborn Health
  • Michele Decker: 380.663.01 – Gender-Based Violence Research, Practice and Policy: Issues and Current Controversies
  • Michele Decker, Shannon Wood: 380.666.01 – Women's Health
  • Philip Anglewicz: 380.711.01 – Issues in Survey Research Design
  • Courtland Robinson: 380.750.01 – Migration and Health: Concepts, Rates, and Relationships
  • Anne Burke: 380.760.01 – Clinical Aspects of Reproductive Health

Faculty Awards

  • ME Hughes, PhD, MA. Associate Scientist, on receiving the JHU 2021 Golden Apple Award (for Demographic Methods in Public Health)

Faculty Grants Awards

  • Alison Gemmill, PhD, MPH, MA – Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions (HCHDS)
    2021-2022 Pilot Project Award State-level Determinants of Racial Disparities in Mortality among Reproductive - Aged Women
  • Lingxin Hao, PhD, MS – Discovery Award
    Analyzing Barriers and Facilitators to Enrollment in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program among Latino Children in Immigrant Families
  • Lingxin Hao, PhD, MS, Emily Agree, PhD, MA, Li Liu, MB, PhD, MHS – P2C Pop Center grant from NICHD
  • Charvonne Holliday, PhD, MPH – NICHD
    The Johns Hopkins Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health (BIRCWH)
  • Xiumei Hong, MD, PhD & Xiaobin Wang, MD, ScD, MPH – Discovery Award
    Harnessing Antibody Profiles and Multi-omics Data to Delineate Drivers of the “Allergic March”
  • Sara Johnson, PhD, MPH – Discovery Award
    COVID-19 Related School Closings, Re-openings, and Household Mental, Social, and Economic Outcomes
  • Li Liu, MB, PhD, MHS – David L. Klein, Jr. Foundation
    COVID-19 Case Fatality Ratios in Institutionalized Populations: A Rapid Application of Machine Learning, CORD-19, and Automated Systematic Review
  • Cynthia Minkovitz, MD, MPP – First 5 California (Prime: JBA)
    First 5 California Home Visiting Coordination Project
  • Kristen Mmari, DrPH, MA –Bloomberg American Health Initiative SCIBAR
    Can Restoring Vacant Lots Improve Adolescent Health?
  • Terrinieka Powell, PhD, MA & Tamar Mendelson, PhD, MA –CDC
    Mechanism: Center for Adolescent Health Supplement
    Project: Connecting Behavioral Science to COVID-19 Vaccine Demand (CBS-CVD) Network
  • Oying Rimon, PgDip, MA
    – Bayer AG: ICFP 2021 Conference Grant
    WHO: Training Needs Assessment: Policy Academy for LABASA (Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration)

2020-21 PFRH Citizenship Awards

Students: Stacy Lu and Kalai Willis

Staff: Kellie Wellborn, Deenah Darom, Vira David-Rivera

Faculty: Lori Heise