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Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Chatpar, BA 22

Elizabeth earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in earth and planetary sciences from Johns Hopkins University. She is a second-year ScM student with a focus on food and sustainability. 


Why did you choose Environmental Health and Engineering?

Pursuing a master of science (ScM) in the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I chose the ScM degree because it provided me the opportunity to lead my own research project. This ScM program is a unique opportunity for master’s students. 

What do you like about the department?

I think EHE is unique in that the faculty are very accessible to students. If you have questions about a course, their research, or just want to chat, faculty members are always eager to get to know students. I’ve been able to build relationships with faculty in addition to my adviser. These connections have enabled me to pursue opportunities outside of the classroom that I wouldn’t have heard of or participated in otherwise. 

What are some of your favorite courses? 

My favorite classes were those with my adviser, Keeve Nachman. They were Introduction to the Risk Sciences & Public Policy and Introduction to Food Systems and Public Health. The intro to food systems class changed my entire outlook on the food system and changed even how I eat. For anyone interested in food systems, or anyone who just wants to learn more about where our food comes from, I highly recommend taking this class. Plus, Keeve is a great instructor! 

I chose the ScM degree because it provided me the opportunity to lead my own research project.

What advice would you give a prospective student who's considering enrolling in this program?

Do it! While the courses are fulfilling and I have learned a ton from them, I highly recommend prospective students take advantage of the many extracurricular opportunities that EHE offers. There are countless research assistantships and teaching assistantships that one can pursue, and these have been highlights of my master’s experience here. Also, reach out to faculty whose research you are interested in. Even if you haven’t started classes yet, it is great to build relationships with faculty. This is how I found my adviser!

What is your favorite thing about living in Baltimore?  

I did my undergrad degree at Johns Hopkins and lived in Baltimore for a while before starting my master’s. I still find myself trying new restaurants, working at new coffee shops, and exploring new things in the city all the time. Baltimore is a city that is rich in culture and there are so many great restaurants to check out. You definitely won’t get bored! 

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